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Blogger of the Week


For this weeks blogger of the week we chose Ping the incredible woman behind the blog Peneloping! Ping loves all things crafty and is not afraid to let her nerdy side shine through.  She creates some truly inspiring costumes from some of her favorite films, as…
Blogger of the Week

Jet Set Sewing

This weeks blogger of the week is Julie and her magnificent blog Jet Set Sewing! Julie has been sewing for over 40 years. She now focuses on researching, collecting and sewing up vintage designer patterns from the 1930's to the 70's. Her post show all of…
Blogger of the Week

Sanae Ishida

For this week we chose Sanae Ishida as our blogger of the week! If you love all things design, craft, illustration and diy fashion, you need to go to her blog now! Sanae is incredibly creative, talented and has even written a few books.    …
Blogger of the Week

Lilacs and Lace

This weeks blogger of the week is Lilacs and Lace! If you love vintage inspired creations Laura has got you covered. Her creations are not only gorgeous but truly amazing. She puts so much time and love into each creation no wonder they come out…
Blogger of the Week


Go now and check out this weeks blogger of the week SeamstressErin Designs! Want great tutorials, fun patterns, and exciting stories. Erin has them all on her blog! Follow her posts and learn how she made her creations, purchase her patterns, and make yourself your…
Blogger of the Week

Sew Chibi

This weeks incredible blogger of the week is Kat and her bright and rainbow filled blog Sew Chibi! If you love fun, wacky, and imaginative creations here is the place to go! Kat does so many fun creations for herself and her children that are always…