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Learning to Sewing: Tips & Resources

Want to learn how to sew but not sure where to start? or maybe you just need a bit of a refresher after not sewing for a few years? Below we put together a list of important basics to get you started, some resources you can use for more specific information on a type of sewing, & some beginner-friendly sewing projects that’ll help you with practicing some of those stitches & techniques that you’ll be using across many of your future sewing projects!

Basics to Learn

More Learning Resources

  • Books – Books are great resources as they are always readily available and are less likely to allow for distraction. Using your computer to search for basic info can sometimes lead to falling down a black hole of information or easily getting sidetracked with emails & social media! Below we have listed a couple books that are highly recommended for being great overall references in the type of sewing they aim to teach!

Readers Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing – A great reference for Garment & Home Decor Sewing

Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting – An amazing reference tool that’s also very user-friendly for those interested in learning to Quilt

  • YouTube & other Online Video Learning Platforms – If you are more of a visual learner, but don’t have the time to get out to in-person classes or there simply not widely available in your area, online instructional videos can be a great resource!

Garment Sewing:

Evelyn Wood –

Mimi G Style –

Ellie & Mac Patterns –


Homemade Emily Jane –

Melanie Ham –

Just Get it Done Quilts –

Home Decor & Crafting

eVin’s Work –

Tamara’s Joy // Sewing Channel –

The Sewing Room –

Easy Beginner Friendly Projects

Depending on what you are interested in sewing, there is a wealth of information on each subject out already out there. You just need to pick somewhere to start.

Like, for clothing start with pajama shorts made of cotton – cotton is an easy fabric to work with and the simplicity of these shorts allows you to learn several very necessary sewing skills with only about 5-6 seams to be stitched! For home decor, try a throw pillow – an easy project to start with and only about 3-6 seams away from having something to spruce up your living space with! For quilting try, a mug rug – this is a great SMALL project to dip your toes into the waters of quilting with but doesn’t require a lot of space, time, or materials to learn the process of quilt making!

Pajama Shorts by MellySews – Envelope Pillow Cover by Crafting Nook – Mug Rug by 5OutOf4


We hope this helps get you started on your fabric creation journeys! Now armed with your sewing and fabric designing skills, your projects & gifts are sure to be the center of any conversation or event! Happy Sewing!


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