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Halloween Oven Mitts Project Tutorial

See how we create Halloween-themed fabric to make oven mitts that are super fun & maybe just a little bit creepy! We break down the process in this blog on how we recreated our sewing pattern as a digital template, used that as a guide to drawing out our characters, and then printed them out on one of our FAV fabric options at MyFabricDesigns, our Premium Cotton!

Choose an Oven Mitt Style

There were two different ideas we wanted to create into our spooky Halloween oven mitts, a pumpkin & a ghost! We thought about how we would want these in an oven mitt and decided that they would be best made up in two different types of mitt styles. You can see the two original styles of these oven mitts below and a link to the original creator’s tutorials!

Mini Oven Mitts Tutorial & Pattern by SewCanShe

Retro-Style Bound & Quilted Oven Mitts Tutorial & Pattern by Sew4Home

Below you can see how we slightly changed the shape of the original patterns to better suit what we wanted. We didn’t go too crazy here, as we didn’t want to do anything that would make it difficult to sew. The Ghost pattern has very subtle curves to ensure we can still cover that edge in binding.

Trace in Prefered Art Drawing/Image Editing Software.

Check out the sections listed below in our “Mardi Gras Project” tutorial to learn how to create a digital version of your patterns to work with.

Mardi Gras: Cut & Sew Button Down Project

  • Choosing a Pattern
  • Setting Up Illustrator & Pattern Pieces
  • Piecing together “Printable” Patterns (if needed)
  • Tracing Pattern Pieces

Using Traced Sewing Pattern

Once you have created your digital pattern, you can see in our video how we drew out our characters using our preferred photo editing software. Use these digital patterns as guides to draw within this space and create your crazy spooky designs! The ghost oven mitt was the easiest as we drew simple circular shapes for the eyes and mouth, then added shadows for the “drape” in the “fabric”.

Preparing Designs for Print

Open a new workspace the size of a Fat-Quarter or a single yard, depending on how much fabric or oven mitts you would like to print. We created a Fat-Quarter on Premium Cotton that allowed us to print one of each oven mitt style. See the New workspace/Canvas specs below

  • Premium Cotton dimensions
    • Full Yard – 54″ wide by 36″ Height
    • Fat Quarter- 27″ wide by 18″ height
    • 150 dpi (resolution)
    • Color Mode – RGB or Hex

Once this new workspace is open, copy & paste all designs into this space. Arrange & paste as many as you can fit to make the most use of the fabric.

When your placement is done, go to File → Export to save this image as a JPEG or PNG file. TIFF will also work but usually result in a large file size that may exceed the sites max file size limit of 50mb.   

Last steps are to upload your amazing designs to, place your order for your custom-printed fabric creations and wait for us to print and ship to your door!

Happy Sewing!!!!!