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Lets Talk About Quilt Backing!

Add an extra level of personalization to your quilt by making the back just as beautiful as the front! You can design it to coordinate with the prints and styles seen on your quilt top, add family member names, or your business logo if it’s for a store sample.


As always, we need to start off with sizing. Below you will see the information we have gathered as common quilt sizes and the amount of fabric needed to back each size. Whichever size you choose, know we will be adding 4″ all the way around the finished quilt size measurement. This is to make sure you have the added fabric necessary for the “quilting” process – stitching the layers together. Extra fabric is necessary as the fabric may shift when quilting causing it to no longer match up with the quilt top. When quilting is done, the excess fabric is then trimmed away.

Making the most out of the least amount of fabric

When choosing fabric for your next quilting project we always recommend our Basic Combed Cotton or Premium Cotton. It’s perfect for quilt tops, binding, and quilt backing. These fabrics both have a 54″ width by a 36″ length. If you would like to cover the entire back of your quilt in your custom print, you will likely need to order twice as much as the length of your quilt and piece together your fabric.

If you’re looking to be a bit more conservative in the amount of custom fabric you use, you can order one length of fabric for your backing and use a coordinating fabric to piece in the difference needed. Use the illustrations below as a guide of how much coordinating fabric you will need.

Note: For the crib size quilt, also the baby quilt,  you will order 2 yards of fabric without having to do any piecing. The yellow represents the fabric that would be custom printed and the blue shows the insert amount needed. The king-size quilt will need two lengths of fabric with a coordinating fabric to offset the difference in fabric needed.


Now, let’s open up the Online Creator to start designing! We highly recommend using our online creator as you will be able to easily create seamlessly repeating designs using our software. You can even create the images that you would like in your design in another software, then using the Add → Image tool, insert them into the Creator to create an easy seamless print.

Not an artist? Skim through the available clip art that’s built into the Creator to decorate with. If you don’t find anything there to fit your project, you can find free-use designs online and use the Add → Image tool to insert them into your workspace.

Here are the images we used for our watercolor floral quilt backing.

Once all images are added to your workspace, it’s very easy to want to space everything out evenly within the shown square outline. As you can see from the print preview, on the right side of the screen, this will likely result in a very spaced out design.

When creating a print to fill your backing, it is best to have a couple items float out over the dashed line of the workspace. The dashed line shown is a reference of where the overall design will repeat.

Any part of your design that is placed over this line will automatically be repeated on the opposite side of your workspace. You can see, the image below, how the part of the image that is placed outside the workspace is repeated back in the workspace and represented as a shadowed version of itself. This is to let you know that this is where the image will be in the pattern so that you do not accidentally place another image here to crowd or overlap your images.

Having multiple images placed over the workspace outline helps your overall design look more fluid.

Once you are done making all your adjustments, you can now click Process Fabric to place your fabric order!


Hope this helps in your quilt making adventures and please feel free to comment below with any questions you may have or email us at