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DIY Thanksgiving Placemats & Napkins

Make your next gathering extra special with beautiful custom printed table settings. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up your designs to create personalized placemats and napkins for any occasion!


First, let’s look at some common placemat and napkin sizes. Whichever size you choose, you will need to add 1″ to the height and 1″ the width of this measurement when setting up your workspace in a later step to make sure you have the added fabric needed for sewing and hemming your project.



Let’s open up the Online Creator to start designing!

If you have a photo editing software you are comfortable with you can also use that software, just make sure to set up your workspace with the following specs.

  • Desired design dimensions + Seam Allowance
  • 150 DPI
  • RGB Colors

Set up the dimension of your placemat using the Pattern button (in the upper left corner).  We want our finished placemat to be 18″ width by 14″ height so we will add an inch to the height and width of our workspace for seam allowance. This brings our workspace dimension to 19″W by 15″H.

OPTIONAL: Using the Add → Rectangle tool we created an 18″ by 14″ rectangle to denote our live space. When selecting this tool a menu will open on the left side of the screen to set the desired size. This will give you a visual of the live space you have to work with to ensure you do not place anything outside this box that may be cut off when you finish the edges. Also, uncheck the Fill Color button to the right of the fill color options!

Now, we decorate the placemat! We added stripes using the Add → Rectangle tool. For the diagonal lines, we used the Add → Polygon Tool to draw them in to fit exactly within the space.

You can also use the Add → Polygon tool to draw any shapes you want. The best part, it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time! Go ahead and free-hand draw your image and if there are funny bumps or odd corners, that’s fine! Using the Edit → Shape tool, you’ll be given the option to adjust the shape of your new drawing.

Not an artist? Skim through the available clip art that’s built into the Creator to decorate your placemat with. If you don’t find anything there to fit your project, you can find free-use designs online and use Add → Image tool to insert them into your workspace.


Matching Napkins

Once you are done making all your adjustments, you can now click Process Fabric to place your fabric order! See the lists below for our recommendations of fabrics to use for this project.


  • Basic Combed Cotton
  • Premium Cotton
  • Heavy Cotton Twill
  • Faux Linen Canvas
  • Linen Cotton Blend


  • Basic Combed Cotton
  • Organic Cotton Sateen
  • Silk Crinkle Linen
  • Silky Faille
  • Faux Linen Slub


Below are basic instructions for 3 different ways you can choose to sew up your placemats and napkins.

  • Double turn the edges to the back with a 1/4″ seam allowance and topstitch close to the inside folded edge.
  • Apply single-fold 1/4″ binding with binding folding to the wrong side.
  • Sew a full lining. Cut a piece of coordinating fabric and place this fabric over the placemat, right-sides together. Sew all the way around, leaving about 3″ unsewn to turn your project inside out. Clip your corners close but not through your stitching. For added stability to keep your corners from coming undone, use Fray Check to reinforce the fabric from falling apart in the corners. Then turn your project right-sides out and topstitch very close to the edge all the way around. Repeat process for Napkin if desired.