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Quick Quilt Labels!

Create your very own quilt labels to have on hand for all your amazing projects! Whether you’re making something sentimental like a family quilt to keep your little one warm for years to come or you need a label for an exquisite competition piece – print a fat-quarters worth of each style for any quilt you have planned this year!


To get started lets figure what size to make the label. I know….numbers…ugh. ..but it’s an important step so that you don’t accidentally get your label and it’s the size of a POSTER BOARD. Yikes!

When doing a bit of research, we found one reference for a 6″ by 4″ label but other than that they seemed to be in almost ANY size. Go ahead and cut out a piece of paper to this size and see how you like it. If you don’t care for it, keep playing with the size and shape until its to your liking.


We wanted to make sure we use most, if not all, of the fabric with no cut off labels on the end of the fabric. Both the Basic & Premium Cotton have a 54″width by 36″ height for each yard of fabric or 27″ by 18″ if you’re ordering a Fat-Quarter. To split this up evenly we came up with a label size of 6.75″ width by 4.50″height, this extra wiggle room is great for seam allowance if you intend to finish the edge of your label by folding under the edge.


While still on the piece of paper, cut to your desired dimensions, we started planning what we wanted on the label. We found LOTS of options when trying to figure out what to put on our label but if we went with all of them,…I don’t think it would be a label anymore, maybe the whole quilt back!  We came up with 5 things we thought would be helpful.

  • Who is it made for?
  • Who was it made by?
  • When was it made? We understand quilts can be a labor of love and can take days, weeks and even months. In these cases simply put the month & year or just the year.
  • Where was it made?
  • Washing Instructions

Now lets take your sketches and open up our Online Creator to get your design ready to print!

Step 1: Set up the dimension of your label using the Pattern button (in the upper left corner). We are setting ours to 6.75″ width by 4.50″height.

Step 2: Go to Add → Text to open a text box.

On the left side of the page a new menu will appear with all things text related. Adjust the size, color, font style and more here! Leave areas blank that would change from quilt to quilt like the name of the person receiving the quilt and the date it was made.


You can use the Add → Polygon to tool draw an underline that can be used to write in those spaces later, this will be used for information like names & dates. You can use a fabric pen to hand write these in later.

Step 3: Skim through the available clip art that’s built into the Creator to decorate your label with. Nothing to your liking? That’s fine, find free use designs online and use Add → Image to insert them into your label.

For an even added personal touch, lets add your very own signature to the label. You will need to draw a few out on paper to get the perfect one. Then scan it into your computer, if asked what settings to use we recommend saving as a PNG file type at the highest dpi/resolution available. Once you have your signature scanned, you will then need to remove the background from your image. Not sure what that means or how to do it? Click Here to learn how! Once you’re done removing the background, you will use Add → Image to add your signature to your label. Then resize & center your signature as desired.

Step 4: Now lets add a cut line, this is just going to be a box that frames each label to make it easier for you to cut & separate these later! Select Add → Rectangle and using the menu on the left side of screen set the dimensions of your rectangle to the dimensions of your workspace. Ours was 6.75″ by 4.50″. Also uncheck the Fill Color button to the right of the Fill color options!

Step 5: Once you’re done making all your adjustments, you can now click Process Fabric to place your fabric order! We recommend using either the Basic Combed Cotton or the Premium Cotton. Below is a preview of our labels set up to print over a Fat Quarter (Cotton – 27″ wide by 18″ height).


To sew on your labels you have several options.

  • Press under your edges about a 1/4″ and hand stitch onto the back corner of the finished quilt
  • Using an applique method. If your built your label to have seam allowance, cut this amount of fabric off. Then fuse a double sided interfacing to the wrong side of your label. fuse to the back of quilt backing layer and using a satin stitch, topstitch in place.
  • Using an applique method. press under your seam allowance about 1/4″. Fuse a double sided interfacing to the wrong side of your label. Fuse to the back of quilt backing layer and topstitch with a straight stitch in place.

That’s it! Quick, easy quilt labels!