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DIY Football Themed Table Runner

Amp up your home decor for Sunday football get togethers with a custom printed football table runner! This truly unique runner will spice up game days and protect your furniture with a personalized place to put your coasters and snacks.


To get started you’ll want to decide on the size of the table runner you want. Measure the table you’ll be using the runner on, decide if it will be centered within the table top or if there will be a bit of hangover. Look up “standard table runner” dimensions, compare that to your table measurement. We’ve seen table runners from 10″-14″ wide with varying lengths. Do what works for your table and your style.

We chose for our table runner to be 48″L by 10″W. We also measured the base of a coke can for some custom coasters but we’ll talk more about that later!

Design Idea

We wanted this table runner to look like a mini-football field but instead of the opposing teams name, you can add your family name like we did marking the ends of the field. Use nicknames, school names, team names or anything you like – it’s custom so do whatever you want! How awesome is that?!? To recreate the look of a field, we pulled up a picture of a standard football field and some scratch paper to take some measurements. Once we figured out how far to space our line apart, we started drawing it our in our Online Creator. These measurements are just a starting point, its ok if they’re not exact but knowing the center of the table cloth will definitely be a good place to start!

Creating: Table Runner

  • Using the rectangle tool create a rectangle to the desired size of the table runner. To do this, select Add ➝ Rectangle from the options located at the top of the screen. Draw a rectangle to any size and use the properties menu on the left side of the screen to type in the desired size of your table runner.

  • Draw a rectangle for the ends of the field in your desired color. We played with the size until it looked good and used copy and paste under the Edit menu to make an exact duplicate.

  • Using the rectangle tool you will draw in a white line for the center of the field.  We also adjusted the Opacity down to 75% so that you can see a bit of the green “lawn” underneath.

  • Using the copy & paste option used in the previous step you will begin to place 4 other yard lines on the left and right side of the center line. You can use the rulers at the top of the page or eye ball it to space the lines evenly.

  • For added detail we also drew in the “half” yard lines as well, though its not a necessary step. Follow the steps used for other yard lines to create and space these lines. We used a thinner line for these.

  • Add Numbers & Text- Go to Add ➝ Text and click anywhere in the workspace for a text box to appear. Then use the Text Menu on the left side of the screen to edit the text, color and font style. Use the white boxes that appear around your text to adjust the size appropriate to your design.
    • Add last/family name to each end of the field

    • Add Numbers

    • Add First Initial of last name to center of field

  • Most fields have a circle painted around the center letter, so we did the same! Just go to Add ➝ Circle and adjust the size and color as desired. Make sure to un-check the Fill Color option so that you are left only with a circle outline.

Creating: Football Coasters

  • Using the circle tool, draw a circle to the size of the bottom of a soda can, about 2.75″. This is just a guide so we are sure to draw our football shaped coaster big enough to hold a standard can. We will erase this later!

  • Using the Add ➝ Polygon tool you can use nodes to draw the rough shape of a football. Don’t worry if it is not perfect! Just use the Edit ➝ Shape tool to adjust and smooth out any imperfections. To draw simply left-click with your mouse to make a corner, then left-click AND drag your mouse a bit to create a curve. Continue until you have your rough shape.   

  • Now delete the circle guide. Then change the fill and stroke color of the football to brown. Not too dark of a brown so that the black detail lines we create can still be seen. To draw the black details for the hand grip go to Add ➝ Freehand. This will allow you to use your mouse to draw what you want, just left-click and drag your mouse to create the long curve line across the top and repeat for the short lines.

  • Now highlight the entire football shape and go to Arrange ➝ Group. This will take all the parts in this football and make them ONE object. This will make it easier in doing the next steps.

  • Copy and paste your football coaster until you have as many coasters as you want printed

  • Add a name to each coaster, you could put your name, family member names, or friends! We left a few blank for general use coasters.

Optional: Filling out the Fabric

When we were done there was still a lot of unused fabric so we decided to add a couple extra table runners in different colors. One could be left without a name and be made as a gift! With the space that was left after that we filled with extra football coasters.



Cutting Instruction:

  • Table Runner Top + 1/4″ seam allowance
  • Fusible Fleece 48″ by 10″
  • Cotton Backing 52″ by 14″
  • 3 1/2yd of 1/2″  double fold binding (purchased or made)


  • Football Coasters + 1/2″ seam allowance
  • Fusible fleece – cut to the original size of coaster without seam allowance
  • Cotton Backing – match sizing of Coaster top

Sewing Instruction: Table Runner

  • Fuse fleece to wrong side of Table Runner top
  • Optional Step – Quilt Table Runner top piece to backing. Then trim excess backing fabric away
    • If your don’t quilt the layers together, then you will lay the fused table runner top on the wrong side of your backing and baste the edges together along all 4 sides.
  • Bind edges of Table Runner with binding in coordination fabric

Sewing Instruction: Coasters

  • Fuse fleece to wrong side of coaster tops

  • Place the coaster tops and coaster backing right sides together.
  • Pin & sew 1/2″ seam allowance. Make sure to leave about 3″ open along one side.
    • NOTE: Do NOT leave your opening along the sharp corners of the football. This will be a difficult area to turn under.

  • Trim seam allowance down to 1/4″

  • Clip notches only within the seam allowance all the way around each coaster. DO NOT SKIP this step!

  • Turn coaster right sides out with the 3″ opening we left in the seam. Then press with an iron

  • Top stitch all the way around the edge of each coaster, this will close the open edge and give the coasters a defined shape.


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