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Easy Cut & Sew Masks with the Project Creator!

Using our online Project Creator you can easily design masks and have multiples of that mask printed over a yard of fabric! There are several different sizes of fitted mask templates (small, medium, large) and a one size fits most pleated mask template. Using the Project Creator you can easily layout logos, images, or maybe even a family name for EASY cut & sew mask panels.

Choosing a Size

Not sure which size you need? Measure from your nose tip, across your cheek and stop at the beginning of your ear. When you have that measurement, subtract about 1″-1.5″. Now measure from the top of the bridge of your nose to just about an 1″ under your chin. Using these measurements find the mask with the closest measurements to your own.

Fitted Mask Size Chart

Pleated Mask Size Chart

Using the Project Creator

Click HERE to go to the Project Creator.

Once this page opens you will see the Project Menu. Click the drop down menu to the right of Project to see the project options. Click the drop down menu to the right of the Fabric to see the available fabric options for that project, some projects have limited fabric option.

You can see we have multiple options for projects! Masks, Cheater quilts and a few different layout options to print multiple designs within a single yard of fabric!

We chose to use the Medium Fitted Mask as this style will fit most adults.

For this Mask we chose to have a solid colored background which you can do by clicking Add–>Rectangle. This will add a rectangle/square shape to your workspace. Stretch this object to fit your workspace.

You can change the background color to any color using the Fill Color and Stroke Color menu.

Note: Fill color is the color of the inside of the shape you have created and Stroke is the color of the outline of your shape. 

You can now upload a logo or image to place on your mask using Add–>Image.

If you would also like to add words or phrases to your mask, you can click Add–>Text

If you would like you can also, add free hand shapes, circles, and other images to jazz up your masks using the other options in the Add menu. Make sure to click on the Download Instruction button to get you sewing instructions for this project!

If you’re done you can now click Process Fabric to go to the check out page, here you will see you mask repeated to fill a yard and you can choose how many yards of fabric to order.

Notes for Pleated Mask

When using the Pleated Mask template, a smaller all over print or a single design with a centered placement is recommended. As some of the surface area will not be seen due to the pleating along the sides, only when worn does the bulk of the surface area show and mostly the center section of the mask. As you can see the below, the gray sections highlight the areas that will be hidden due to the pleating in the mask.

We hope this guide has helped you further understand how to use the tools in our Project Creator and has inspired you to start creating! Please email us at if you have any questions about the Project Creator or if you have further questions about custom printing fabric with us. You can also check our FAQ’s page for commonly asked questions.

Happy Sewing!