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Summer Cover-Up Tutorial with FREE Pattern

Summer’s around the corner and what better way to get ready for it than a new summer cover-up! We’re even providing a FREE printable sewing patterns in several different layouts for you to use when making your own! And, we added a PNG file for you to use in our Pattern Creator software so you can customize the fabric around it! Follow along below to see how to sew up your Summer Cover-Up and how to use our FREE PNG pattern in our Pattern Creator!!!


  • 1 Yard of: Basic Combed Cotton, Chiffon or Satin 
  • 1pk of coordinating bias tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
Summer Cover Up – 54″wide – PNG Download
Summer Cover Up – 56″wide – PNG Download

Using the Pattern Creator!

Use the Pattern Creator to design your own custom Cover-Up! Just download the PNG file to your computer. Then go to our Pattern Creator. On the new page, click the PATTERN button to set the size of the workspace to the dimensions of one yard of fabric OR 56″wide by 36″height for Chiffon(or Satin) fabric. You can also choose your background color here, we chose to give it a light aqua color background. When done click Apply.


Next, You will go to Add –> Image. Another dialog box will appear, and you will choose the Summer Cover UP PNG file you saved to your computer. 

The image will enter your workspace, but you will need to set the size of the design to the desired size. 

Click the green Gear/Cog (in the upper left corner) to open the Image Settings menu. Here you will have the option to type in the image size, which is 56″wide by 36″height

Now your Cover Up is ready for decorating! 

We roughly drew wavy shapes to resemble water, using the Add –>Freehand tool, creating these organic shapes was fun and easy to do!

Once the Freehand option is selected, simply click and draw your design in your workspace with your mouse.

Did you make a slight mistake?

That’s ok! You can use the Edit–>Shape tool to adjust the shape you just created. 

You can also make other adjustments to you shape like: Fill Color, Stroke(border) color, Opacity, Stroke(border) width, Shadow and Gradient. On this project we will be working with Fill, Stroke and Opacity.

Change the fill color to whatever you would like BUT if you would like there to be no contrasting edge color, then copy the code for the Stroke color box and paste in the box for the Fill color box! 

Note: This can be done by highlighting the code and pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard to Copy the code. THEN, open the Fill color box, delete the current code from the space and pressing CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste the desired color code into the Fill Color box.

We also adjusted the opacity of each strip down to 60% – 75% so that each wave would have the effect of crashing into each other. 

You can choose to add words, clip art or images from your computer to completely customize your design, but we chose to just create these Freehand shapes.

NOTE: If you add anything that is directional, the image needs be be faced the correct direction to ensure it is not printed upside down.


Take your one yard of fabric and cut off all the excess white fabric from around your print.

Once this is done, you will finish the hem around all four sides. We chose to use chiffon as its very lightweight and airy fabric. This can be a tricky fabric to work with so we finished the edges with a rolled hem on the serger, there will be tails from the serger thread at each corner which we applied fray check to the corners, let them dry and snipped off the extra thread. We then topstitched a decorative trim to the edge for added decoration. 


Next its time to cut & sew the neckline! Cut along the printed cutline, then use single fold bias tape to finish the edge. 


Optional- We added trim for added decoration



Summer Cover Up – 54″wide – PNG Download
Summer Cover Up – 56″wide – PNG Download

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