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A Tale of Three Fabrics

We made this cheerful puppy print project to show the versatility MyFabricDesigns gives you to use the same design and print it onto different fabrics!

So many of us have a deep love for our pets and rightfully so – they are a part of the family! We thought it would be fun to do a project using an image of a pet to create three distinct items, all on different fabrics.


Creating the Design:


First you will need an image to create your design, using a PNG or vector image will result in a higher quality print. You can also use a photograph of a pet for this project. We have listed a few sites for clip art below. Make sure and read the FAQs page on any clip art site for rules on usage. Some will ask you to mention the site or artist or are restricted for commercial use etc.

We chose the image above for our project but decided to color it in four fun summer hues! Here is a short video on how you can easily change the color of your PNG in Pixlr, a free online photo editor.


Once you have saved all the colorways you can start creating your print in the Creator. Using the video below as a guide, add all the images to the workspace.


The Creator allows you to flip and adjust the sizing of your images to your liking. Using the white boxes that appear in the four corners of the selected image, also known as a “node”, click and drag a node until your image is at your desired size. You can also use the round node at the top of each image to adjust the angle. To flip your image, select the “Edit” button at the top of the workspace and choose “Flip Horizontally” from the drop-down menu as shown in the video below. Continue to adjust your images in this manner until you have a repeating pattern you are happy with.

Note: any part of your image that goes off the edge of your workspace will automatically repeat the excess of the image on the other side of your workspace. The Creator is built this way to help make effortless repeats. As seen in the video below.


Here is a picture of the final design! YAY! It’s done! You can now click on the green “Process Fabric” button at the top of the screen to get to the next page and place an order for the fabric you just created.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dog-days-final-print.jpg



Deciding on a print size:


In the next step, we will gather our patterns to get an idea of how big our print could be without being too obnoxious or risking losing the print on smaller pattern pieces. If we had printed the dog bandanna at the size seen below, by the time we folded it you would never be able to see the actual print. If you printed it too small, no one would be able to appreciate your custom creations besides the handful of people who were to get close enough to you or your dog to notice. So choosing an appropriate print size is very important.

On the Order Screen that you came to in the last section, you will we able to: adjust the design size, find the design repeat information, select your fabric type, and quantity of yards.

Note: However your design looks in comparison to the ruler is how it will print! If you see shadows or other image distortions here, it will print that way.

Here we laid transparent versions of the patterns over screenshots of the fabric to see exactly what the design will look like once it’s printed. This step is completely optional and you can always use a good old fashioned ruler to determine the design size. We thought this visual may help to understand the process of why you may want to resize your design. Make sure to measure the width and height of your patterns using the ruler on the side of the fabric, adjusting the transparent versions to their actual size.


If you’ve done your measuring and it still looks too big or small, no problem! You can easily change the design size. A nice feature at is the ability to order designs in various sizes simply by adjusting the DPI or using the “Bigger” and/or “Smaller” buttons found on the order screen.

And here we have the finished products. Three different projects, all using the same design on three different fabrics! Simply amazing! This level of customization can only be achieved using printed fabric. We hope this inspires you to get printing!


    • Bandanna- Sm 16″ X 16″, M 21″ X 21″, L 30″ X 30″
    • Infinity Scarf- 27″ X (Width of fabric)
    • Tote Bag- Free Pattern download from the VeryPurplePerson

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  1. Debbie Bearden

    Very cool!!! I have seen this in person and it is so cute!

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