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Custom 2019 Calendar

The start of the New Year means it’s time for a new calendar! Why not make your own 2019 calendar with custom printed fabric? In this blog we have supplied you with the artwork you need to customize your very own calendar using our free online creator tool! Follow along below to learn how to make your own!

To get started make sure you are registered and have an account with us and are logged in! Once you are logged in go to our creator tool under the create tab and click creator.

Click on file and select new from the drop-down menu.

A dialog box will appear, and you can choose the size you want your calendar to be. We decided to make ours the size of a fat quarter, so we entered in 21” by 18” and clicked apply. If you know what color you want the background of your calendar to be you can select that now as well.

Save the file below named Calendar 2019 to your computer in a folder you will remember!

Once the file is saved you will go to the add drop-down menu and select image. Another dialog box will appear, and you will select and open the file you just saved to your computer!

The image will appear in the center of your work space.

Resize it to your desired size by dragging the bounding box corners till it fills up the size you want of your workspace. You can also see the exact dimensions under the settings tab to the left.

Once the file is the size and location you want it is time to start customizing! Here you can add whatever you want; use clipart under the library tab on the left, add shapes, drawings etc. We decided we wanted to add a family photo to our calendar!

To do this you will go to the add drop-down menu and select image. The dialog box will appear again, and you will choose your desired image. It will appear in the center like the calendar did before and you will size and place it where you want in the workspace!

After looking at our calendar we decided to change the background color. To do this you will click the pattern button. This will bring back up the dialog box from the beginning, so you can adjust the size or background color of your entire design.

We also wanted to add a quote to our calendar. To add text, go to the add drop-down menu and choose text. This will place a text box in the center or your workspace.

To edit the text, type your desired text in the settings tab (the small gear under file) on the left and click apply.

You can also adjust the color of the text with the fill color option on the left. You can even use the dropper tool to select a color from the image itself.

Once your design looks good you will save the design. This will direct you to your creator folder. If you are ready to order or share you can reopen your design and click process fabric.

Once you reopen your design and select Process Fabric you will be taken to the selection page to choose your fabric, quantity and yardage and add it to your cart.

Our Creator Tool is completely free to use and helps anyone become their own fabric designer! Play around and follow us on social media to learn more fun techniques and inspiration!


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  1. Eileen Roche

    I love this idea! I’m going to make 12 of these for sister reunion! Great idea, Lauren, thanks for sharing.

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