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4th of July DIY Picnic Decor!

Fourth of July is coming up and what better way to decorate your table than with your own custom fabric! Create your own red, white and blue designs or choose from the many in our curated library! We chose several designs to create an entire fourth of July table setting! See how we made all this come together below! 🎆🍽🗽

First, we wanted to make some center piece flags. To do this we needed a few supplies!


  • Fabric
  • Wooden sticks
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Decorative Containers
  • Marbles
  • Marking tool
  • Ruler

Creating the Flags:

First, we started with the flags. To create these, we needed the fabric and wooden sticks.

Then we cut out our rectangles to our desired size. We created four 9”x 7” flags and two 14”x 9” flags and printed one fat quarter of Flag by LaurenYoungDesigns.

Next, we serged the edges. To hem up the ends we pressed each edge down ½” but to keep the sticks in place we needed to insure the top was closed and bottom was open.

To achieve this, we started edge stitching the bottom hem first.

Then we hemmed the short sides and last, we hemmed the top.

In doing it in this order you will have an opening at the bottom of your flag and a closing at the top, insuring the polls stay in place!

And voila the flags are done sew easy.

Creating the Table Cloth:

Next, we created our Picnic table cloth! This one is even easier than the flags!

To do this we ordered Red, White and Blue Bandana by LaurenYoungDesings and cut out the fabric. We then serged the edges and pressed the hem all the way around at ½”. Next, we edge stitched around the entire piece. All done!

For a little added bonus, we added napkins. We just used the same bandana tutorial from last month! You can find that easy to follow along tutorial here on our blog.

To bring it all together we found some cute metal tins for the flags. We placed it all on our picnic table and was all set for the perfect fourth of July BBQ!

Make this same table setting or get inspired for your own designs! Don’t Forget to take 25% off with code picnic25 from now until June 24th!

Love the patterns we chose? We got Red, White and Blue Bandana and Flag by LaurenYoungDesigns, Three Flags by kkeller, and ModPicnic by MFDesigns printed on our basic combed cotton.

ModPicnic by : MFDesigns

Red, White and Blue Bandana by : LaurenYoungDesigns


Flag by : LaurenYoungDesigns

8507-A Three Flags by : kkeller




Red, white and blue bandana

Three Flags




Basic combed cotton