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Fat Quarter Tuesday Project

Fabric Bookmarks! 📚📖

Use all of your fabric to limit waist make your own fabric bookmarks with your scraps! You can even upload your own designs and photos to make great gifts for your friends and loved ones! Follow along below with our simple step by step tutorial. 📚📔


  • Fabric
  • *Interfacing (optional)
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • *Embellishments (optional)
  • *Fray Check (optional)

Step 1: Cut out fabric and fuse interfacing.

First cut out 2 pieces of fabric at 2″ x 6.5″.

*To add firmness to your bookmark you can add a medium weight interfacing to one side of the fabric. Simply follow the instructions that came with your interfacing to fuse it to the back side of one of your pattern pieces.

Step 2: Sewing.

Now you will take each pattern piece and place WRONG SIDES TOGETHER and pin. This is going to give us a stylized bookmark!

Now you will sew at ½” seam allowances all the way around your bookmark.

*If adding a tassel embellishments or something that inserts into the seam of the bookmark, be sure to sandwich the embellishment between the 2 pattern pieces’ pin in place and then sew around the entire bookmark. As you can see below we added fun tassels!

Step 3: Finishing!

Now you will trim around your entire bookmark using your pinking shears.  Not only does this finish the edges to keep them from unraveling it also gives you a fun zigzag styled edge!

*If you would like to ensure that your bookmark doesn’t unravel at all you can also treat the edges with some fray check.

You are done! It is sew easy and is a great way to use up any extra fabric you have lying around!

If you like the fabrics we chose you can find them on our website we had Pyramids & Windmills in Purple by Terrella-Creative printed on our basic combed cotton and White flowers on purple by Jabiroo printed on our organic cotton sateen!

White flowers on purple by : Jabiroo

Pyramids & Windmills in Purple by : Terrella-Creative

Don’t forget to save 25% throughout the month of May on any fabric in any color just use code: purple25 at checkout!

At you can upload your own design, choose from one in our library or create your own seamless pattern with our fabric creator. Choose from one of twenty-five high-quality fabrics and your order ships out to you in around 10-15 business days.

What will you make with your custom printed fabric? Use hashtag #mfdesigns and show us your creations!


Organic Cotton Sateen

Basic Combed Cotton

Pyramids & Windmills in Purple

White flowers on purple



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