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Cut & Sew Easter Bunny Basket 🐇

Easter is almost here! Make your own bunny Easter basket with this fun tutorial below.🐰


  • Custom Printed Fabric – Cut & Sew Bunny Basket by Lauren Young Designs
  • Sewing Machine
  • White Thread
  • Medium Weight Interfacing or Fusible Fleece Interfacing
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Before you get started you will need to order your custom printed fabric from My Fabric Designs. This Bunny Basket design by Lauren Young Designs is ready to print, cut & sew! We chose Heavy Cotton Twill for a good sturdy basket but for this project but we would also suggest: Premium Cotton, Linen Cotton Blend, or Faux Linen Canvas.

Step 1: Cut Out fabric

  • Cut out pattern pieces on thick black line.

  • Using lining fabric as pattern piece, cut out medium weight fusible interfacing (or Fusible fleece if you want to add even more sturdiness to the body of this bag, and the option to add your own quilted designs!).
    • Iron your interfacing to the WRONG side of your lining fabric piece.

Step 2: Sewing Side Seams

  • Fold outer (white fabric) bag piece in half, short ways with RIGHT sides together and pin side seams.
  • Sew up sides on thin gray line, 1/2” seam allowance.
  • Repeat for lining (pink fabric).

Step 3: Sewing Corners

  • Press together and pin closed as shown below.
  • Sew at ½” seam allowance.
  • Repeat for other corner and both lining corners.

Step 4: Sewing Ears

  • Place left ear front & back pieces with RIGHT sides together, pin.
  • Sew along gray thin line, ½” seam allowances, do not sew along bottom opening.
  • Clip curves and turn RIGHT side out, through open bottom edge.
  • Repeat steps for right-side ear.

Step 5: Basting Ear

  • With pink side of left ear facing out, match raw edges with left side seam of outer fabric (white fabric).
  • Pin in place.

  • Baste stitch at ¼” seam allowance.
  • Repeat for right ear.

Step 6: Joining the Lining and Outer Fabric

  • With pink bag lining facing WRONG sides out, insert white bag (with ears attached) into the bag lining.
    • If done correctly, the bag pieces will be facing RIGHT sides together and bunny ears will end up being sandwiched between both layers.
  • Match raw edges together and pin all the way around the bag top
  • Sew along gray line, ½” seam allowance, and leave a 4” opening in the back.

Step 7: Finishing Basket

  • Turn RIGHT side out through 4″ opening, press seams and ears.

  • Pin opening closed and topstitch entire top of bag with ¼” seam allowance. Make sure not to sew bunny ears down to the bag sides when topstitching, ears should be facing away from bag when topstitch around opening so they are able to move freely.




Bunny Basket By: Lauren Young Designs