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Fat Quarter Tuesday Project

DIY Sunglass Case! 🕶

Spring break is almost here! Time to bring out the shades. Keep your sunglasses clean and protected by making your very own sunglass case. It is sew easy to make, just follow the tutorial below! 😎


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Disappearing ink pen (or other marking tool)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ribbon or Cording

Step 1: Cut Out Fabric

  • You will start out by cutting out a 10” x 8” rectangle of fabric.

Step 2: Finish edges

  • Serge or zigzag stitch around the entire rectangle.

Step 3: Pin and Mark Fabric

  • Fold your fabric in half long ways creating a 4” x 10” rectangle and pin.
  • Mark raw edge of long side of fabric 1 ½” down from the top and 2” down.

Step 4: Sewing

  • Sew from top down to your 1 ½” mark back stitch and trim threads.
  • Start sewing again at your 2” mark. This will leave a ½” gap and continue down and around bottom edge.
  • Press seams open.
  • Fold down open top edge 1”

  • Carefully top stitch around opening at ¾” seam allowance.

Step 5: Finishing

  • Turn right side out and press.
  • Take ribbon or cording and add safety pin to the end.

  • Work safety pin through ½” gap and pull through the other side.

  • Take both ends of cording or ribbon and tie together in a knot.

You are done!

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Rainforest Fun Palm Leaf by : GreatNotions


Rainforest Fun Palm Leaf

GreatNotions Artist Profile Page

Basic Combed Cotton 

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