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Fat Quarter Tuesday Project

DIY Reversible Coffee Cozy!

At My Fabric Designs you can order custom printed fabric by the swatch, fat quarter or yard! There is no minimum purchase required! This year we have decided to feature a project each month using fat quarters! For our first month we have made a reversible coffee cozy. Below you will find a free sewing pattern and step by step instructions on how to create your very own!


1 fat quarter of fabric of your choice (to create a contrasting reversible coffee cozy you need 2 fat quarters)

Coffee Cozy Pattern

Medium or Heavy Weight Interfacing

Sewing Machine

Elastic 2″

1 Button (2 if creating a reversible coffee cozy)

Hand Needle



To keep with this months Cerulean theme we decided to get Atmospheric by Nerdly Painter and Arrow Blue by Khaus printed on our basic combed cotton for this project! Once we had all of our supplies ready it was time to get started.


Atmospheric by : NerdlyPainter


Arrow Blue by : khaus

Step 1: Cutting Out Pattern

Once we printed out our Sewing Pattern, we then cut out the fabric. We cut one outer fabric piece, one lining fabric piece and one interfacing piece.


Step 2: Fuse interfacing to outer fabric piece

Step 3: Connecting the Elastic

Next we took our outer fabric piece and with it face up we pinned the elastic in a loop facing inward and the raw edges lining up with one of the short ends of the outer fabric piece. Once it was pinned in place we basted it at a 1/4″ seam.


Step 4: Sewing Together Lining and Outer Fabric

Once the elastic was basted in place we took our lining and outer fabric pieces and pinned them all the way around with right sides together.

Next we began sewing at 1/2″ seam allowance all the way around leaving a 1.5″ opening on one of the short ends of the pattern.


Step 5: Clip All Corners, Turn Right Side Out and Press.

Step 6: Top Stitching

Once your pattern is turned right side out and pressed flat turn in your 1.5″ opening 1/2″, press and pin closed.

Now you will sew around the entire piece at 1/4″ seam allowances, closing up the opening.


Step 7: Attaching Buttons

Now you will sew a button on each side of the coffee cozy.

Find the middle of the short end without the elastic and move in about 2″.

Sew a button in this spot on each side using your hand needle and thread.


You are done! Not only does this project take no time at all it takes very little fabric. Make yourself and your whole family their own custom reversible coffee cozy!




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