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For our Me-Made-May project we decided to make some adorable bags!

You can manipulate the size to make it any thing you want. From a cooler to a pencil bag, there are so many options! We decided to challenge ourselves with a cooler and a cosmetic bag.

The process was the same just simply adjusting the pattern to a larger size for the cooler. We added a good 3″ all the way around the original pattern giving us just the right size! We left the original pattern as is for the cosmetic bag.

We wanted a good sturdy material to use, so we chose to print these fun prints on our Premium Cotton. For the cooler we purchased a heavy weight fusible interfacing and for the cosmetic bag we chose a medium weight fusible interfacing. All of that can vary depending on what you prefer. We chose the zipper based upon the length of the opening. For the cosmetic bag we stuck with a 9″ zipper and for the cooler we purchased a 22″ zipper and cut it down to the perfect size.

Once we had all of our materials ready to go it was time to get started! Below you will find step by step instructions for making the pattern, cutting out your fabric and sewing it all together!


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (sewing and regular)
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric
  • Interfacing (weight and type is whatever you prefer)
  • Lining (vary on what you prefer. Insulated lining was used for the cooler)
  • Zipper
  • Webbing (optional)

Making the pattern:

  • Mark point A on the right part of your paper.
  • Measure over 5” left perpendicular from point A and mark point F
  • Measure down 8 ½” Mark Point B
  • Measure over 5” to the left perpendicular from point B and Mark Point C
  • Measure up 2 ¼” from point C and mark Point D
  • Measure over 2 ¼” left from point D and Mark Point E
  • Connect all the points to create the pattern

You can manipulate the pattern to make it smaller or bigger by adding or subtracting the same desired amount all the way around the edges. Be sure that the distance from point C to D is the same as from Point E to D.

Cutting the fabric:

  • You will start by blocking your fabric to insure it is on grain.
  • You will then match selvage to selvage.
  • This pattern is cut on fold. Be sure to line up the fold line on the pattern with the fold in your fabric
  • You will then need to Cut 2 of the outer fabric, 2 lining and 2 interfacing.

Sewing the Pattern:

  • First you will fuse or sew your interfacing to your main fabric according to the directions.

  • Next lay your main fabric right side up unzip your zipper and place it upside down with teeth touching the right side of your fabric.
  • Line up the raw edges of the zipper and fabric.
  • Take your lining and turn it upside down so that right sides are together.
  • Line up raw edges with the main fabric and zipper and pin together.
  • Carefully sew, with your zipper foot, the zipper in between the fabric and lining. Repeat with the other sides.
  • Press zipper flat.
  • Once your zipper is sewn separate your fabric so you have both right sides of main fabric touching and linings touching.
  • Pin edges.
  • Sew with a regular foot along the bottom of your main fabric and the sides of the fabric and lining over the zipper. (be careful around the zipper to insure you do not break your needle).
  • Leave all 4 corners unsewn.
  • Sew a few inches in on either side of the bottom of the lining leaving a gap to turn your bag right side out.
  • Now take the unsewn corners and fold them flat by touching both the seam lines. Distribute the seam allowance with one seam going one way and the other the opposite way, to help cut back on bulk.
  • Sew along the straight line and trim off any extra fabric.
  • Once all is sewn turn your bag right side out.
  • Be sure to clip corners and turn them out to a point.
  • Fold in the open gap and edge stitch or hand sew closed.
  • The bag is now completed! You may add any additional features like handles or zipper tabs if needed or wanted!

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