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Recipe Placemat, Napkin, and Wall Art

by Debbie Henry

Preserve family recipes by making a “new” heirloom. Create placemats, hanging wall art, and vintage napkins. All of these items were printed on premium cotton using actual hand-written recipes and include cutting lines for quick and easy stitching.

Peony Pink and Red


Start by gathering hand-written recipes. Don’t worry if they are stained, faded, or tattered. That just adds to the nostalgia!

Scan recipes at 300 dpi and add a sepia filter, using a photo editing program like Pixlr, to give them an aged look. That also helps to even out fold lines and areas that have become discolored over the years.

Add a decorative frame around each recipe to set it off and arrange artwork on a 12.5” x 18.5” rectangle for each placemat.

Diagram 1


Cut the recipe hanger panel piece using a rotary cutter and acrylic ruler.

Diagram 1

Cut panels just inside the cutting line. Because the fabric is a light color, you don’t want to take a chance of the dark line showing through seams.

Cut a piece of low-loft batting and a backing fabric the same size as the front piece.

Lay the panel piece on top of the batting with the right-side up. Create hanging tabs with two pieces of excess panel fabric 1” x 3.5”. Fold the pieces in half, length-wise, stitch a quarter-inch seam, and turn it right-side out.

Press the hanging tabs with the seam in the middle.

Squaring up edges

Fold the tabs in half with seams inside and pin in place at the top of the wall art panel, raw edges together.

Pin and Cut

Lay the backing fabric on top of the wall art panel, right sides together. Stitch a quarter-inch seam around the entire outside edge. Gently pinch the back lining and pull it away from the front panel. Carefully clip a “Y” shape in the middle of the backing piece.

Cutting Scarf Strips

Turn the piece right side out through the “Y” and press.

Four 75 Cuts

Fuse Lite Steam A Seam 2 to one side of a contrasting fabric and run it through an AccuQuilt GO! using the GO! Heart 2”-3”-4.” The heart shapes will be used to patch the clipped “Y” that was used to turn the wall art inside out.

Four 75 Cuts

Fuse the medium heart over the cut area. Voila! No seams to stitch closed. Attach to a hanger and enjoy. If you didn’t want to bother with stitching the wall art, you could always pop it in a picture frame.

Scarf Edges


Placemats will be constructed just like the wall art. Cut out the placemat panel just inside the cutting lines. Cut a piece of low-loft batting and backing fabric the same size. Put the placemat on top of the batting, right side up, and put the lining fabric on top, right side down.


Stitch a quarter-inch seam around the entire outside edge of the placemat. Clip a “Y” in the middle of the backing fabric. Turn the piece right side out and press. Apply an adhesive heart over the cut “Y” to finish.

Tube Scarves

You can quilt around the outer border of the placemat if you like.

Tube Scarves


Cut a napkin panel inside the cut lines.

Tube scarf seam

By placing lines on the back side of the napkin with a marking pencil, it is easy to press folds where they belong before hemstitching.

Tube scarf pressed.

Press edge A up to line B for a quarter-inch fold. Press all four sides of the napkin.

Tube scarves

Bring the folded edge up to line C and press. Do the same for all four sides of the napkin.

Tube scarves

Change to a wing needle and choose a hemstitch or other heirloom finishing stitch. Stitching from the right side, align the edge of the napkin so that the needle just catches the folded edge underneath.

Tube scarves

The decorative stitching beautifully finishes the napkin edges

Tube scarves

and creates a one-of-a-kind gift that is certain to become a favorite heirloom.


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  1. Judy

    You talk. About scanning the recipes and putting a border around them in a computer software program, but how do you get this on to the material?? Please let me know, I think this is a wonderful project, and can’t wait to make placemats for my sisters with our mothers handwritten recipes on them.
    Please explain the process of getting them from the computer to be on the material.

    • My Fabric Designs

      After you’ve created your design either on your computer or using our online fabric creator tool here then you would upload the file to our website and choose the type of fabric you’d like your design to be printed on. Once the order is placed it takes around 10 business days to get your printed design. If we can be of any help please give us a call at 855-893-9997.

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