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Elf Stocking Sew-Along

Christmas Christmastime is here, time for joy and time for an elf stocking sew-along! I found this adorable free pattern by Patty Young and Emalee Grambo over at the ModKid blog.


I chose 2 coordinating designs in 3 different colors from Kitty Keller on I had all 6 printed on heavy cotton twill and in only 8 business days my fabrics arrived and I got started right away.


The first step was to prep my pattern pieces by cutting them out and then taping them together. You simply overlap the shaded area and each piece has a very clear indictor on it for attaching them together.


Next I followed right along and cut out my fabric pieces for the sock, fusible fleece, cuff and hanging loop. I decided to make 3 stockings at once so once I had everything cut I laid it out to visualize how they would look together. Not bad!


Now, on to the assembly. I fused fleece to the wrong side of each sock and placed each sock with right sides together, pinned and then stitched with a ½” seam allowance. Remember to leave the top open. The directions provided by Patty and Emalee were very easy to understand and I had no problems following right along. When you turn your sock right side out use something to get the toe pointed out. I used a wooden dowel and that worked just fine. Be careful not to push too hard or you’ll poke right through your stocking. Press everything nice around the edges once you are done.


The next step was the cuff for the stocking and this was the most confusing part about the project but I was able to figure it out after a few mishaps, one being sewing the entire cuff together thus making it not a cuff!

Cuff...not a cuff!

Cuff…not a cuff!

So remember when sewing the cuff that you need to keep the cuff in the shape of a tube – don’t close it off like I did. And a great tip I got from Eileen Roche (I’m so lucky she sits across the hall from me)  – she showed me that when sewing a point I should always make one extra stitch horizontal at the top of the point to give me a nice sharp point when I turn the fabric right side out. GREAT TIP!!!


Now we’re ready to create the hanging loop and insert it along with the cuff into the stocking. I was so excited doing this step because I was almost done and I couldn’t wait to see the final stocking!


Patty and Emalee suggest adding adornments such as bells or poms to the stocking but I left mine plain. I think the pretty designs of Kitty Keller are enough for these.  All in all this was a fairly easy project and one that I enjoyed.

You can download the pattern and instructions for the stocking here and you can see all of Kitty Keller’s artwork available for printing on any of 26 fabrics on our website. Use coupon code stocking25 to get 25% off your order of any custom fabric at