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Custom Printed Acoustic Panel Tutorial

Acoustic panels are wall panels you hang to reduce the noise travel within a room. This can be very beneficial for you movie buffs out there who are really looking to amp up your at home movie watching experience or perfect for the room your kid practices their trumpet in. If you want your own personal panels but don’t want boring plain panels or don’t want to pay oodles of cash for decorative panels…make your own! Wrap your panels in custom printed fabric and you can now make them to match the aesthetic of your space!

When creating acoustic panels for your theater room or home, we recommend the use of Basic Combed Cotton or Performance Knit. These two fabrics have been a favorite amongst our customers for making their own custom acoustic panels! Not sure which would be best for your needs? Order our $5 swatch book today to see and feel all 28 fabrics we have to offer.

These two fabrics have a different maximum image sizes that you are able to fit within a yard of fabric, see chart below for reference.

For our acoustic panel we have chosen to use Basic Combed Cotton which has a printable area of 54″W by 36″H. Doing the math to subtract 4″ all the around, gives us a maximum image size of 46″ by 28″. You can make these to fit any size pre-made frame or build to size of a custom made frame.

To set your workspace up in the Creator to the size of your fabric, click the Pattern button in the upper left corner and type in your fabric dimension in the menu that opens.

In this menu, you also have the option to adjust your background color. We wanted the extra fabric that wrapped around the edges of our frame to be black, so we changed our background color to black. When done click Apply

Now add your image to the workspace, you can do this clicking Add, then clicking Image from the drop down menu. This will allow you to insert an image from your computer.

Once your image is open, you will need to resize your image. To do this you will first open your Image Settings Menu by clicking the Green Cog/Gear in the upper left corner (under the File button). This menu will show you the current size of your image as you resize it. DO NOT use this menu to resize your image, doing this here could distort your image out of proportion! To resize your image, click and drag on the white boxes that are present when your image is selected. The measurements in the Image Setting Menu will automatically adjust to reflect the current image size with every adjustment made.

Keep an eye on your DPI. A box will pop up in your work area as you resize letting you know what the DPI is. Every time you resize your image bigger or smaller your DPI will change.

  • If the box is GREEN, your DPI is over 150dpi and your image will print well.
  • If the box is RED, your DPI is UNDER 150dpi and your image may print with some pixilation or haziness.

NOTE: If you need your image larger but are concerned about losing too much DPI, we recommend taking your image to an external software to have the image enlarged. Not sure what resizer to use? Try On1 Resizer, we have seen good results from customers having designs resized up for poster prints.

Once your resizing is done, center your image, and click Process Fabric in the upper right corner.

This will take you to the Order Screen where you can choose your fabric, review your design and Add to Cart. That’s it!

Once you receive your fabric, your ready to wrap your acoustic panels and enjoy a movie. We hope this tutorial helps in your Acoustic Panel or even DIY Canvas prints projects!

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