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Hey Fabric Designers!

Today we want to talk about a recent project we are contributing to!!! The Sew Powerful Purse Program, an amazing program created by Jason & Cinnamon Miles. Besides having well established careers as authors and the co-founders of Liberty Jane, they have also started this wonderful non-profit. You can read ALL about them and their accomplishments they’ve made in contributing to a better world HERE as the list is ever growing! The project we are going to highlight here today is the Purse Program.

The Purse Program was created as a branch of the main project, Sew Powerful. Sew Powerful as a whole was created to help the people of Ngombe (pronounced Nom-Bay) in Lusaka Zambia, a place of 150,000 people (most of which are teenagers). Every part of the Sew Powerful Program goes to address different needs of the Ngombe people: education for their children, school lunches, clean water and bathrooms, a healthy community, and the opportunity to work for money in support of these goals.

Through the Purse Project, they have created something that helps enable girls to stay in school throughout the year without having to miss days due to their menstrual cycles. Girls miss, on average, 6 weeks in a school year which can be very hindering on their education. To help combat this the women of the Ngombe community were taught how to make reusable cloth pads so they could continue to attend school during their cycles. While very helpful this did present another problem; how were the girls expected to transport their pads? While most girls only own one pair of underwear, purses or backpacks remain a luxury very few can afford. Through Cinnamon’s sewing pattern company Liberty Jane, she has made available two different purse patterns for the Beginner or Intermediate Seamstress/Sewer to make purses and send to the girls in Ngombe to allow them the freedom to carry their personal affects for their menstrual cycles to and from school. A true blessing to these girls!

Beginner Pattern

Intermediate Pattern

The patterns from Cinnamon are executed well, contain VERY detailed written sewing instructions and an Instructional Video.  With all this support it easy to contribute to this great cause!

For more information visit:

To make our bags even more special we used custom printed fabric in fun ethic patterns from our online artist submitted collections! You can find these designs and more on our Shop page or upload your own design for an even more personal touch.

 stockinette stitch       African pattern       African Kuba – Rust Black Ivory       African Kuba 

It really was a great experience to make these bags for well deserving girls and know that it will help them in their daily lives and their thirst to better themselves through education.

We hope this has inspired you to contribute to this cause and if you decide to print fabric for your bags, feel free to use the code below for a 25% discount off your order! This is a one-time use code.

Code: purseproject


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