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Photo Lined Clutches

Today we will be working on the VERY adorable Photo Lined Clutches; these are great personalized gifts especially with the holidays right around the corner !!!



  • 12″ Block Custom Printed Quilt from our Project Creator w/
    • 6 different photos (2 copies of each)
    • 6 different Main Fabric prints (2 copies of each)
  • 3/4yd of 48″ wide batting
  • Fabric Fusion Adhesive by Aleene’s
  • 6- 6” x 3” Snap Clutch Purse Frame 
  • Matching Thread
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Clear Plastic sheet or transparency paper
  • Sharpie
  • Clutch Pattern (Print at “Actual Size” or “100%”)


Preparing Photos & Fabric for Printing

If you haven’t already, go check out our Veterans Day Quilt tutorial, which goes over everything you will need to know for adding and resizing images for this project in the Project Designer.

You can see below how we used the Project Designer to print just enough fabric for 6 different clutches without having to order 6 different pieces of fabric for the inside of our bags and another 6 different pieces of fabric for the outside of our bag… WHEW! That’s a lot of fabric for such small bags!

After measuring our templates we saw that our pieces would be no larger than 10″ by 6″, which would fit in our 12″x12″ Cheater Quilt blocks with PLENTY of room for adjusting the placements of the print. The clutches are organized by row, the left 2 blocks will be the fabric for the front and back of your bag, and the right 2 blocks will be for the photo lining for inside your bag.


You will have to be aware of the scale of your fabric prints and photos so they do not print larger than the viewable part of your lining when your clutch is open. It might be somewhat odd to see a GIANT Eyeball when you open your clutch because you printed your photos too big to fit inside your bag properly. After measuring the inside opening of the bag we decided that the subject of our photos can be no bigger than 5″W x 3″H.

So just to review, the photos will need to be sized a bit bigger than 10″W x 6″H but the people in them should not be bigger than 5″W x 3″H.

You will want to use the rulers placed at the top and left side of the project as a guide to see how large the subjects of your photos currently are. Repeat these steps till you have 12 photos inserted into your Cheater Quilt.


Next, fill the remaining 12 blocks with the fabric of your choice, these prints will be the outside fabric of your clutches. We used fabrics available on our shop page, these can be found by checking under the Gallery section when you click on the “Choose” button to the right of the Fabric section.




Preparing Cutting Template

Once you have received your custom printed fabric you will need to prepare your transparent template so that we may “fussy cut” your photo lining. Fussy Cutting refers to cutting your pattern out in a way that centers the design specifically so that it’s centered on your project piece in a specific way of your choosing.

We took our printed pattern and made sure to transfer all the markings to the piece of clear plastic. We’re using cutting mats from Dollar Tree!


We also made a dotted line across the bottom of the bag, vertical center, and horizontal center of the bag. This will help us later when we are centering our photos to cut out our lining.


Cutting & Sewing

Center pattern, trace & cut. You will need to cut two linings, two pieces of batting, and two pieces of the main fabric per bag.

Place the main fabric panels right-sides together with a piece of batting placed on the wrong side of each main fabric piece.

Fabric order

  1. Batting
  2. Main fabric, right side UP
  3. Main fabric, right side DOWN
  4. Batting


Pin your batting and main fabric pieces together at the bottom seam, sew the bottom seam leaving the space between the stitch marks open. The opening will be used to turn the bag right-side out later. Press the bottom seam open.

Sew side seams of the bag from the corner to the stop line, indicated by your pattern.


Sew side seams and bottom seams of the lining.


Next, we will need to create the boxed corners, this is what gives our clutch a flat bottom. Take your partially sewn lining and fluff it open so it is no longer laying flat against itself. Press the side seam flat against the bottom seam of your bag and sew across the opening.  Repeat these steps for all bottom corners of the lining and the corners on the main fabric.

Turn main fabric right-side out and place inside lining. The lining and main fabric should be facing right-sides together.


Pin & sew the lining to the main fabric for each side of the bag opening. Sew a 1/4″ seam and try to get as close as possible to the original stitching line from the side seams. Trim or clip curves.

Turn right-side out using the opening in the bottom seam and adjust the fabric so that the photo lining lays inside the main fabric. Adjust your lining so that it lays flat against the main fabric.

Topstitch opening


Using Fabric Fusion, glue one side of your bag opening into one side of your purse frame. If you are having a hard time inserting your fabric into the frame, use a flat ruler or any other small flat object to help push the fabric into place. We also used binder clips to help keep the fabric from slipping out of the frame until the glue dries. Repeat steps for the other side of the bag opening.

Last Step! Hand stitch the opening at the bottom of the bag closed.




Fabric Prints Used:

Orange Small Floral Gray by Oppositedge

Coral Mandala Pattern by Oppositedge

Light Blue Floral Woodland by Oppositedge

Red and Light Blue Jacobean Floral in Dark Gray by Oppositedge

Light Blue Floral Bouquet by Oppositedge

Orange Tropical Floral by Oppositedge

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