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Holiday Recipe Towels!

We have a fun holiday treat for everyone! We have the cutest little dish towels that are just perfect for the holidays. Make them for yourself or give them as gifts. They are a two for one, a towel plus a recipe! If you ever forget how to make some of your favorite holiday favorites, gingerbread cookies or eggnog, we have you covered! These dish towels have the recipe printed right on them and if you have a spill no worries use your towel to wipe it up! One your done with your delicious treat and cleaning up toss it in the wash when done! This tutorial could not be easier just see below how we quickly sewed up these towels!


To get started go ahead and get the design printed on the fabric of your choice. We had our printed on our linen cotton blend fabric. Once your fabric arrives go ahead and follow the care instructions that come with the order for that fabric. Our fabric suggests we wash prior to use with a phosphate-free detergent on a cool delicate cycle.

Next go ahead and cut the towel out on the dotted line. One yard will yield two towels so you can make one for you and one for a friend.

Now you will prep the fabric for sewing. We will be doing a ½” double folded hem with sewn mitered corners. To do this you will fold each raw edge inward ½” and press. Then you will fold it in another ½” and press.

For the corners, you unfold the second ½” fold and then take the corner and fold inwards at 90 degrees 1” and mark a line on the inside fold.

Next, you will take the corner and fold it in half with right sides together and pin in place. The line you just drew will be matching on both sides of the fold and will become your stitch line.

Stitch along the line and then trim to a ¼” and press open. Repeat for all 4 corners.

Next, flip the corners and get them nice and crisp and pin and press in place. Now you will edge sew around the entire hem.

All done! These towels take minutes to sew up and are perfect for your gifts this holiday.

To celebrate the holiday season, we are offering 15% off from now until November 16th. Just use code 15nog at checkout!



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