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Nursery Rhyme Surface Pattern Design Community Challenge Winners!

If you haven’t heard this month we collaborated with the Surface Pattern Design Community Facebook group for a weekly challenge each week! This past week’s theme was Nursery Rhymes. Check out the top 3 winners!

1st Place – I’m a Little Teapot by: MicheleNorris

2nd Place – Nursery Rhymes by  little_pretties

3rd Place – Five little ducks by  Minia_ink

Every artist that enters has a chance to win prizes and build their portfolio! You can find all these amazing designs under our shop tab and get them printed on any of our 29 fabrics! Don’t forget when you share your designs with us you will also receive 15% royalties on every purchase made using your designs.

So, If you are an artist interested in participating in the SPDC Challenge join the Surface Pattern Design Community Facebook Group and follow along for your chance to win in the upcoming challenge, Haunted House!

A special thank you to everyone who shared their incredible designs with us!!


I’m a Little Teapot



Nursery Rhymes



Five little ducks



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