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Baby’s 1st Pic!

Are you or a loved one expecting?! Make them their own custom fabric with their very first baby picture! We made a fun little design with a sonogram photo and the funny hashtag, #ThrowbackThursday! Watch how we created the fabric and sewed this onesie together!

First, we found a great and easy free onesie pattern to use here! Once we calculated the amount of fabric we needed it was time to design!

We used our FREE online creator tool to help us make our fabric. Instead of having the design repeated we created the design across an entire yard! To do this we selected file, new and entered the width and length of the fabric, interlock blend, we planned to use choosing 46” x 36”. We liked this fabric for a onesie because it is very soft and has a great 4 way stretch making it super comfy for babies! We wanted to keep the background color white, so we simply hit apply!

Next, we needed to add our sonogram picture! To do this we scanned the sonogram photo at the highest resolution. Once it was saved to our computer we went to the “Add” drop down menu and selected the image. A dialog box will appear and here you will choose the file from your computer and click open.

Now you will see your image in the middle of your work space. You can resize your image if needed to make sure it fits perfectly on the onesie front. You can use the bounding box and drag or you can enter in the size manually under the settings tab (the little green symbol below file) to your left. We decided to make ours 4″ x 3″ keeping the original aspect ratio to insure no distortion. You will then want to move it over making sure you leave enough room on top bottom and both sides for the entire front of the onesie. You can look at the rulers on top and left side of your workspace to help you do so. We made sure we had plenty of room by moving it over about 12 inches and down 12 inches. You can do more or less just insure there is also room to do the back of the onesie.

Next it was time to add our hashtag! To do this was simple. Again, go to the “Add” drop down menu and select Text. A text dialog box will now appear in your work space.


Now you can adjust and add your text in the settings tab. Once you have chosen a font and added your text you can click apply. We chose to do Parisienne font with black lettering.

Now with your text selected you can drag it below your image and use the bounding box to adjust the size to what you would like.

As you can see there is still a lot of space left on the yardage. What can we do?? Well we decided to make some contrasting binding for the onesie. We simply went to our ADD drop down menu and chose rectangle we made it as large as we needed, about 15” x 11” and moved it to the bottom.

We still had plenty of room and figured why not make a fun matching pattern for a future project? So, we added little triangles in a fun random pattern to fill up the other left-over fabric! (Again, make sure you have enough fabric for the front and back of the onesie). That is one of the best things about print on demand fabric. There is no waste!

Once the fabric looks ready to go you will click the process fabric button! This will take you to the customization page where you can choose to center your design, choose the type of fabric you would like and quantity. Then simply add it to your cart for purchase!

Once your fabric arrives at your doorstep you can get started on making this adorable onesie!

As we mentioned we found the pattern here with great step by step instructions! This onesie turned out perfect. We only made one slight adjustment to the pattern by adding about 2.5″ in length to the leg binding pattern piece. You can do the same or use any onesie pattern you love!


We are offering 15% off from now until June 2nd with code pic15 at checkout! Keep an eye out for our future blog post on how we made the matching bandana bib! 👀

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