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Artist Spotlight – Erin Anne Designs!

This month we wanted to honor one of our artists, Erin Anne Designs. We are drawn by her amazing use of fun colors and skill at watercolor! We wanted to get to know the woman behind this amazing brand and show all our followers how she does it all. We asked her a few questions that she was happy to answer. Read along below for all her amazing insight and tips!

What inspires you?

Everything!  I am always drawn to colorful things, so just one colorful or bright thing might inspire 10 different designs.

Why Fabric?

I just thought bright watercolors on fabric was so cool and fresh.  I love to sew and when I was able to just upload my own designs and print them I was so inspired.

How did you get your start?

I was looking specifically for watercolor designs on fabric and could not find anything like that at the time.  I discovered websites where you could upload your own designs and couldn’t wait to try it.  From there, I shared my designs with others and they just took off.  I guess others were looking for the same thing!

What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

I get to be creative for a living!  I can turn my ideas into reality and share them with the whole world. I also love the flexibility of my schedule and being able to do it anywhere, anytime.

What is something you would love to see made using your design on fabric?

That’s a tough one because I have already seen so many people make such amazing products!  But my favorite is probably seeing my designs on swimwear.  The bright colors and designs translate so well.

If you sew who taught you?

My mom. 😁

What made you start a business?

My dog!  He didn’t want me to go to work. But truthfully, I just kind of fell into it.  I started creating for fun and for my own projects, and then when I started sharing my designs I realized that other people were interested in my work too.  So, I started doing custom work and adding more and more products, so it was a natural progression. My husband has also been my biggest supporter and has encouraged me from the beginning.

What was the hardest part about starting your business?

I am self-taught from art to business.  I never took classes for either and really had no idea what I was doing.  There is so much more to selling and business than just artwork and fun, and I have had to learn some hard lessons along the way.  There was so much that I never thought about and didn’t understand.  And I’m still learning.

What advice do you have out there for others wanting to start their own business or to keep their inspiration and dreams alive?

I would tell them that it’s completely worth it!  Do your research and get advice from others in the community.  Making friends and talking to people who have been there is extremely helpful.  Not everyone wants to see you succeed, but most small business owners want to help each other out and work together.  Their experience and kindness is priceless.

If you have finished goods where can people purchase them?

My website has a shop where I am always selling new things:

I also just opened an Etsy shop:

What is your website or social media handles for people to follow you?

Facebook and Instagram @erinannedesigns

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