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DIY Fabric Wreath

The holidays are almost here! Time to start breaking out the decorations. This month we made a fabric wreath perfect for your front door! Follow along with the tutorial below on how to make your own. 🎄


  • Fabric
  • Wreath Wire Frame
  • Wire
  • Scissors

Step 1: Preparing Fabric

First you will choose your fabric! We chose one yard of a fun Maria-Bogade Happy Everyday design by WunderGarden printed on our Silk Crinkle Linen. We also chose a fat quarter of an accent design, Green Geometric by LYDesign, for the bow printed on our Faux Linen Slub Sheer!

For the main fabric we took the yard and cut 7 strips about 5″ wide each across the length making them 5″ x  52″. We then cut a rectangle piece about 10″ wide and 18″ Long from the accent fabric as well as a smaller rectangle about 3″x 4″ for the middle of the bow.

Step 2: Weaving the Fabric

To start the wreath you will weave some wire through the end of one of the strips of fabrics and attach it to the wire frame.

Then you will begin weaving the fabric through the frame going in out and over each wire.

Then you will fluff each loop about 2-3″ long. You will repeat this throughout the entire frame finishing off each strip end with wire like done at the start and starting a new one.

Step 4: Making the Bow

Now you will take the large accent fabric piece and fold the ends inward meeting in the middle.

Then you will fold in in half once more and scrunch the center. Using more wire secure the center.

Now you will fold your smaller pieces ends inward longways meeting in the center.

Next you will wrap it around the center of the bow and secure it closed with wire.

Step 5: Attaching the Bow

Once the bow is done you will attach it to the top of your wreath using wire and wrapping it around the wreaths frame.

ALL DONE!! This is a great and easy no sew project to help decorate for any occasion!

If you love the designs we chose you can get them from our curated library of designs. We used Green Geometric by LYDesign and Maria-Bogade_Happy-Everyday-3 by wundergarden. We are also offering 20% off from now until the 18th with code wreath20 at checkout!

Maria-Bogade_Happy-Everyday-3  by wundergarden

Green Geometric by LYDesign



Faux Linen Slub Sheer

Silk Crinkle Linen

Green Geometric





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