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When we got our new Linen Cotton Blend fabric in the office I just knew I had to make a canvas project with it. It has great texture to it and it’s the perfect fabric for wall hangings, apparel or even light upholstery.  If you’d like to give it a try we have $5 printed swatches you can order or the new fabric is available in our swatch books, also $5 but they contain a small sample of each of our 26 fabrics.

I recently began a makeover in my twin’s bedroom to celebrate them starting first grade. We’ve gone with a nautical theme in blues and orange. It’s a work in progress and one wall above their beds was in need of some artwork – enter my easy no sew canvas project. For this project you will need:

  • A photo editing software (I used Adobe Photoshop) with filter options
  • A prewrapped 16” x 20” canvas for each image
  • Staple gun
  • Spray adhesive like Super 77
  • Fray check
  • Fabric scissors

Let’s start with how I created the images. I wanted something beachy and thought a nice blue washed out fence would give me the look I was going for. I took a picture of a regular brown fence and opened it in a Photoshop file I created the size of a fat quarter for Linen Cotton Blend, 25” x 18”. You could also use Photoshop Elements, Gimp or any other software with filter options.

I dropped some guidelines for a 16” x 20” canvas so I could center my images.

Next I created a new layer on top of my fence and filled it with a lovely deep blue color.

I choose the filer option Hue from my Layers palette to meld the texture of the fence with the blue color I choose. Viola, a blue fence!

I found some wonderful hand drawn royalty-free images from a University site online and choose three I thought my boys would like. I imported the first, a John Dooer fish into a new layer.

Again I relied on my trusty filter options in my Layers palette and selected the Divide option. This quickly knocked out my white background and changed the black lines to their opposite color, white!

Next I uploaded my images at our website and selected Linen Cotton Blend and Fat Quarter. What you see is what you get on our website so pay close attention to this next screen. If anything needs adjusting try increasing or decreasing your DPI onscreen, choose a different tiling option or if none of that works go back into your imaging software to make any adjustments.

Once my fat quarter pieces arrived I ironed them to remove any creases.

Then I took my Super 77, sprayed each canvas and carefully centered the fabric onto the pre-wrapped canvas.

Flip the canvas over and begin stapling from the top, bottom, sides and finally the corners pulling the fabric tightly.

Once the fabric is stapled, trim any excess fabric from the back and apply fray check as needed.

I think the canvases turned out great and I got the seal of approval from both of my boys!



Ray Fat Quarter Project Design

Cuttlefish Fat Quarter Project Design

John Dooer Fat Quarter Project Design


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