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Fat Quarter Tuesday Project

DIY Pot Holders!

Do you have a little fabric left over from your projects, or a few spare fat quarters lying around? Don’t waste them, make some fun pot holders! They are great for yourself or gifts to friends and loved ones! Even create your own custom fabric with our Creator Tool to give it a little extra personal touch! Follow along below with our easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own!


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Batting
  • Pins
  • Binding
  • Ruler
  • Insul-Bright (optional)

Step 1: Prepping The Fabric

First thing to do is decide how you want to quilt your pot holders. You can choose to machine embroider your quilting pattern or free motion quilt it with any regular sewing machine!

With either choice, you will need to sandwich your fabric and batting together. You will take one of your fabric pieces with wrong side facing up. You will then place your batting on top with the second layer of fabric wrong side face down on to the batting. You can also use insul-bright instead of regular batting, which better insulates your pot holder to insure it can hold up to higher temperatures! You then can pin your fabric sandwich in place or hoop for your embroidery machine.

Step 2: Quilting Your Fabric

Next you will stitch in your quilting design. For our embroidery pot holder, we created a fun apple type running stitch design and for our free motion design we did a geometric design.

Once your design is stitched you will cut out the size of pot holder you would like to create. We made one 10” x10” and the other 8”x8”.

Step 3: Binding Your Pot Holder

Once you have your square cut out you can bind your pot holder using bought or homemade binding tape.

That’s all it takes you now have a great pot holder for all your cooking needs!


Like the fabrics we chose? We got this beautiful Blue Triangles by Friztin and Lilypad by AmyMayen for our creation! Use these prints for your next project or create your own custom fabric and have it printed on any of our high-quality fabrics!

Blue Triangles by Friztin

Lilypad by AmyMayen

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Blue Triangles




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