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Fat Quarter Tuesday Project

No Sew Fabric Flower Bouquet! 🌹

Love flowers but hate how fast they die! Make your own fabric flower bouquet to last a lifetime! ❤🌹💐

Its that time of year again bring out the flowers, hearts and chocolates! Give your loved ones the gift of a handmade bouquet of flowers with your own custom fabric. No sewing is needed, we supply you with a great step by step tutorial and free pattern below.


  • Paper Pattern
  • Glue Gun
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Green Fabric Scrap
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape

Step 1: Print and cut out pattern.

Step 2: Cutting fabric

  • Cut 5 of each petal piece on your desired fabric.
  • Cut one stem piece from your scrap of green fabric.

Step 3: Cut floral wire

  • Choose what length you would like your stem and cut your floral wire to that length.

Step 4: Time to get gluing!

  • First you will start with your smallest petals and work your way up to the large ones.

  • You will begin with your first petal and placing a dab of glue on the center toward the bottom you will then wrap the petal around the tip of the wire with the right side facing inward.
  • Next you will do the same with the same size petal but on the opposite side of the wire.

  • You will continue this process working around the petals until all are glued on.

Step 5: Attaching the stem pattern piece

  • To attach the stem pattern piece you will first need to snip a hole into the center of the fabric.

  • Next you will feed it through the wire with right side facing down.

  • You will then pull it up till it is nuzzled below the petals and glue in place.
  • You can also glue the tips to the bottom petals to insure they stay in place.

Step 6: Adding the Floral Tape

  • The last step is to wrap floral tape around the floral wire and securing it in place with glue!

All done it’s so easy even kiddos can do it! Do as many flowers as you would like and add more floral wire for some embellishment! Like the fabrics we chose? We had everything printed on our basic combed cotton. We used GW DA 139 and valentine hearts by Arthousedesign and Red Tones Circles Mid-Century Modern Mod Pop by DeniseBeverly. Go to my fabric designs and shop all of our 1000’s of designs or create your own!

GW DA 139 By: Art House Design

Valentine Hearts by: Art House Design

Red Tones Circles Mid-Century Modern Mod Pop by: Denise Beverly

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Paper Pattern

GW DA 139


Valentine Hearts

Red Tones Circles Mid-Century Modern Mod Pop


Basic Combed Cotton

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