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How To Mix and Match Prints!

Today we wanted to show you how easy it is to mix and match prints! It may seem intimidating but once you know these few rules you will be a mix master! 🎨

Things to keep in mind…

  • Color
  • Size
  • Organic or Geometric

I like to start with one of my favorite prints, preferably one of the ones with the most color. This helps me for my next step, choosing the colors I want to incorporate.

You will want to choose 3-4 colors from your first pattern and stick to those. Not choosing enough colors doesn’t give you enough diversity causing the designs to blend into each other. Choosing too many colors can be over whelming and cause it to look cluttered and busy.

Here you can see there is not enough color variation and all the designs just fade into one another.

Next you will need to determine if your pattern is organic or geometric? Organic patterns are more relaxed lines and loose shapes such as florals. Geometric patterns have strong lines and definite shapes. Once you decide what your main pattern is you will want to pair it with the opposite type of design! Geometric with organic and organic with geometric! OPPOSITES ATTRACT!

The floral design on the right is a great example of an organic print while the pattern on the left is a geometric print.

Now you will want to make sure that all the sizes vary from Small, Medium and Large. You don’t want any of your patterns competing with one another. So pairing a small print with a large print will keep that from happening!

Here we have a small busy floral pattern and a large strong geometric pattern. These mix well to keep the prints from dominating the other, they each stand out in their own way.

The best part about My Fabric Designs is you can resize any design by simply adjusting the DPI up and down. So, if you found the perfect print but it’s a little too big just scale it down!

Here we took the same design and adjusted the dpi from 150, 600 and 1200 giving us the perfect small, medium and large print.

The last thing to keep in mind is the amount of patterns you can mix. Within one outfit you won’t want more than 2-3 patterns. In a room, you will want to limit it to 3-5.

We will show you some great examples of how to and how not to mix patterns.

First we started with our most colorful design, Bohemian Rhapsody by Third and Wall. Next we concluded that this was a medium size, organic pattern. Meaning it needs to be paired with smaller and larger geometric patterns! We also had to choose the 3-4 colors we wanted to pull from the design. We chose cream, blue, navy and orange.


While here we did stick to matching colors there is not enough diversity. You really need a minimum of 3 colors. Where here we really only chose blue and orange. Also you can see the pattern sizes are all around the same size causing them all to fight each other.


We fixed the sizing issue by enlarging the stripes and triangle prints. We also traded out the top blue design for a navy pattern giving us our 3-4 colors. We have a good mix of geometric prints and organic prints and all go together cohesively.

The patterns we chose for our final mix are Bohemian Raposody by Third and Wall, Blue Vine Toile by MFDesignsDual Triangles Slate-Tan by Friztin, BlueMottled by MFDesigns and Orange Watercolor Stripes by Friztin.

BlueVineToile by : MFDesigns

Orange Watercolor Stripes by friztin by : friztin

BlueMottled by : MFDesigns


Dual Triangles Slate-Tan by Friztin by : friztin

Bohemian Rapsody by : thirdandwall

The other lovely designs we chose for our examples are Blue Bubbles Bubbling by sas276, Vintage Motorcycle in Orange by Thin Line Textiles, Orange Clover Flowers by websterfiberarts and Orange Daisy Toile by MFDesigns.

Blue Bubbles Bubbling by : sas276

Vintage Motorcycle in Orange by : ThinLineTextiles

Orange Daisy Toile by : MFDesigns

Orange Clover Flowers by : websterfiberarts


Orange Daisy Toile

Blue Vine Toile

Blue Mottled


Blue Bubbles Bubbling


Vintage Motorcycle in orange

Thin Line Textiles

Bohemian Rhapsody 

Third and Wall

Dual Triangles Slate- Tan

Orange Watercolor Stripes


Orange Clover Flowers



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