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Feathers Flights Custom Throw Blanket Tutorial

Today we have a treat for you! Blogger Feathers Flights has done a special blog just for us on how to do your very own Custom Throw Blanket!! Follow along with her tutorial below 😍

Hi! I’m Heather from Feathers Flights, and I’m here to share an easy custom gift idea with you today. The throw blanket is easy to make and My Fabric Designs makes it easy to customize! This is a great gift for someone who who has everything since it’s custom. You could add a wedding date, a baby’s birth date, a family picture, a favorite character, etc. The possibilities are endless! Don’t mind that the blanket is upside down in the picture; I didn’t realize it was upside down, and my 5 year old can’t read yet!



1 yard of contrasting or coordinating polar fleece
Sewing supplies




1. Gather your velour and your fleece. Wash and dry your fabric before using.
2. Cut off any white space around your fabric and the QR code at the bottom of the fabric.


3. Cut the fleece in half lengthwise so you have two pieces 18″ tall and about 60″ wide (depending on your fleece).
4. With WRONG sides together sew one piece of fleece to the top of the velour and one piece of fleece to the bottom of the velour. Make sure the stretch is going the same way: crosswise.
5. Trim any edges so the blanket is a rectangle.


6. Fold the blanket in half and then in half again so that the four corners line up.
7. Use a plate or something else round to cut rounded corners.
8. Sew a straight stitch around the blanket 1/2″ all the way around the blanket.
9. Cut every 1/2″-3/4″ around the edges and along the two seams to create a fringe look and easily finish the edges.

Christmas pillows and blanket

I’m also sharing a tutorial to create fat quarter french seam pillows today!


 A special thank you to the incredible Heather of Feathers Flights! Go to her blog to see many more fun and exciting tutorials and check out her beautiful designs for sale on her artist profile page at My Fabric Designs. Want the cute design she used here? It is Merry and Bright by Sarah Ensign, get it printed on any of our 26 fabrics for your holiday creations! ❤


Merry and Bright By: Sarahensign


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