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Teepee Pow-Wow!

Tepees are all the rage! We decided we would make one ourselves with some of our incredible Linen Cotton Canvas fabric!

We found the perfect sewing pattern from Simple Simon and Company that gave very clear and easy to follow instruction on how to make the best Playhouse Teepee!


After reading over the instructions and seeing what materials we needed it was time to shop! We caroused our gallery of designs until we found the perfect cheerful and fun prints, Watercolour Feathers by LYDesign and Summer Colorful Triangles Print by The Artwerks! Next we needed lots of bias tape and the wooden poles. You can find the wooden poles at most hardware stores! This teepee was so easy to make and came out to be absolutely enchanting!

1a-photo-aug-24-3-31-58-pm 1a-photo-aug-24-9-17-54-am

Of course having just a teepee isn’t enough, it needs pillows! We found some great cut and sew teepee and cactus pillows as well as a fun typography find adventure repeating print for a 20″x 20″ pillow! We followed the directions that came printed on the fabric for each one of the cut & sew pillows.

1a-photo-jul-21-1-49-30-pm 1a-photo-jul-21-1-15-19-pm

We then made a very simple pillow with the find adventure fabric by cutting out two 23″ x 23″ squares and sewing them up at 1/2″ seam allowances leaving an opening at the bottom to flip right side out. We then stuffed each pillow with stuffing and hand sewed closed the openings using a ladder stitch!

TADA we had the perfect Playhouse Teepee that any kid would envy, complete with some fun comfy pillows!

Loving these designs as much as we are? Well you are in luck each one is available in our Curated Library of Designs!

Get the Watercolour Feathers design by LYDesigns, Summer Colorful Triangles Print by The Artwerks that we had printed on our Linen Cotton Canvas. Also get The Cut & Sew Teepee, that we had printed on our Faux Linen Slub, The Cut & Sew Cactus, that was printed on our Polyester Velour, and the Find Adventure design, printed on the Polyester French Terry all designed by Laurenay!


Summer Colorful Triangle Print By: The Artwerks


Watercolour Feathers By: LYDesign


Cut and Sew Cactus Pillow By: Laurenay



Find Adventure By: Laurenay


Tepee Pillow Purple By: Laurenay1

Take 25% off your order from now until November 25th with code teepee at checkout!!


Teepee Sewing Pattern

Linen Cotton Canvas

Polyester French Terry

Polyester Velour

Faux Linen Slub

The Artwerks



Teepee Pillow Purple

Cut & Sew Cactus Pillow

Find Adventure

Watercolour Feathers

Summer Colorful Triangle Print

Simple Simon and Company


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