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For the month of November we chose Ziggeman to be our Artist of the Month! Anders, the artist behind the brand, has always loved painting, sketching and has been dabbling with art since he was in kindergarten! He started his artistic ‘thing’ about 6 years ago by doing designs, uploading them on internet sites and entering them on Deviant Art! We wanted to learn more about Anders and his incredibly fun and vibrant designs! Luckily he was happy to answer a few questions for us. ☺


Tell us a little about you and your designs!

About 3 years ago I decided to quit my daytime job as a dentist which I’ve been doing for 12 years actively and Before that, I worked on a company with Desktop-like work, making electronic forms, logos , letters, catalogs and invoices etc printed and sent to customers from a Xerox industry sized printer (Xerox 4090 etc )

and now doing what I always wanted : Explore the world and make ART :)! Doing that was not an easy task economically so it has been a tough ride and I’m still riding with a sore back haha! Well, my kids are grownups now, I’m 56 yo and I’m doing art. Planning my own day ( and sometimes late evenings and night too ) . Its hard on the money side and I have to look for money in other ways to all the time, but I think its worth it. My future is in my own fate, not so much in others.

Where do you get your inspiration when designing?

I get my inspiration mostly from nature and the colors in it I think. Watching a beautiful sunset or faint subtle color on winter snow. Where the snow actually has faint pinkish tint in the reflection of a blue sky when its really cold outside is interesting. Or the strange pure light from the immediate sunbeams reflected in wet grass full of raindrops after a rainstorm. Yup, Its strange and beautiful. The work of God 🙂

What are your favorite tools/ software to use when creating your designs?

I use all kind of software and ways to produce pictures. Sometimes I paint with digital waterpaint or digital oil using Artrage3.5 I purchased. I might export those images to enhance them or alter them using Adobe Photoshop CS2 or illustrator CS2 (the complete version cs2 was temporarily released as a free download some years ago. Very NICE! ) or GIMP (freeware) or (really nice freeware program with lot of plugins available) or Corel (which I own a complete version 6 i bought years ago ). Whatever program that can add to something that makes an interesting result. I also bought a panting program for a tablet. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

If you could meet anyone today be it living or dead who would you meet and why?

If I could meet another painter living or dead it must be Leonardo da Vinci. His drawings are really magnificent. Showing his fascination about the nature. I would like to ask him something about those constructions he did. 🙂

What would you say is the most important thing to keep in mind when creating your own design?

Sometimes its really hard to be ‘creative’, to be able to produce something but when I get stuck, It sometimes help to do simple ‘childish’ sketches with a pen and just scribble, letting the pen kind of making of its own way over the paper. Playing. This works. Sometimes . 🙂

Bellow are just a few of our favorite designs he has to offer on our site! Go check out Ziggemans Artist Profile Page to see his complete collection!


Nostra By: Ziggeman


Pearly By: Ziggeman


Leonardo By: Ziggeman



Blex By: Ziggeman


Castle By: Ziggeman


Newtonia By: Ziggeman

In honor of Ziggeman being our artist of the month we are offering 30% off from now until November 30th! Simply use code ziggeman at checkout!



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