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National Sewing Month Blouse: Part 3 Completed Garment!

The moment you have all been waiting for, our blouse is now complete! See how we finished each part of this gorgeous, flowing top!

Once we had our patterns ready to go it was time to cut them out of our new custom fabric that we had printed on our Faux Linen Slub! The fabric was perfect with just the right airiness and drape we were looking for. Once we had our pattern pieces cut out, notches, button holes, and pleats marked we serged each piece to insure no unraveling will ever take place! Next we followed the instructions for each pattern piece until the garment was all put together.

a-photo-aug-18-10-45-01-am  a-photo-aug-18-1-46-38-pm

Now it was time for all the finishing touches! First we added the button holes and buttons. We used a little trick when opening the button holes that everyone should know! Simply place a pin at each end of the opening,  place your seam ripper at one end and pull across to the other end. The pins at each end keep the seam ripper from going any further and undoing the stitches you just created! Next we finished off the cuffs and added the button and button holes to them as well.

a-photo-aug-22-4-20-30-pm  a-photo-aug-22-2-54-36-pm

Then we simply hemmed the bottom according to the instructions and voila we were done!

a-adsc04002  aa-photo-aug-23-1-55-35-pm

Want to see how we created our fabric, what patterns we used and how we combined them to create this blouse? Check out our National Sewing Month Blouse: Part 1 Designing the Fabric and Part 2 Making the Sewing Pattern and Muslin to learn more! Don’t forget we are offering free shipping all month long in celebration of National Sewing month. Simply use code SewMore at checkout!


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