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National Sewing Month Blouse: Part 2 Making the Sewing Pattern and Muslin!

This week we will go over what patterns we chose and how we combined them to make our muslin!

When creating a new pattern or tweaking one it is always safest to create a muslin before you begin working with the actual fabric. This will help you find any mistakes or flaws in the design before the fabric is cut. Since we decided to combine two patterns we went ahead and made a muslin to insure the design would come out the way we envisioned it!


Our first step was deciding on the sewing pattern to use. We came across two we liked for different reasons. We chose Butterick B5924 and Butterick B5786. We wanted the yolk option in the B5924 D pattern but wanted more of a drape at the bottom as in B5786 pattern D.

To combine them we took all of the top pieces from B5924 including, sleeve, cuff, cuff band, front top, back top and collar. We then took the front and back pieces from B5786. We measured the center front and center back length on the B5924 top bodice pieces. We then took that measurement and measured from the center top and center back on pattern B5786 down and drew a line perpendicular with the center front and back. Next we added 1/2″ seam allowance line and cut along it to create our new pattern pieces for the bottom of the blouse.


Next we had to add pleats to the front and back bottom pieces. We took the difference between the top and bottom pieces waist line and found the center of the bottom pattern piece. From the center we made notches on either side with the difference taken from the top and bottom pieces. We then cut out the muslin from our new formed pattern. Next we sewed it all together using the instructions for each pattern piece.


When creating a muslin is not necessary to fully complete the garment. our main focus was to insure the top and bottom bodice pieces matched correctly and gave us the look we wanted. Once we had it sewn all together and the fit was right it was time for the next big step, using the real fabric!


See how we designed our fun paisley print on our blog, National Sewing Month Blouse: Part 1 Designing the Fabric, and have it printed on any of our 26 high quality fabrics!


Make sure to check back next week to read our blog on how we finished our beautiful blouse and don’t forget to get free shipping on all of your orders until the end of September!

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