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Lilacs and Lace

This weeks blogger of the week is Lilacs and Lace! If you love vintage inspired creations Laura has got you covered. Her creations are not only gorgeous but truly amazing. She puts so much time and love into each creation no wonder they come out so incredible!

blossom spray.aqua

Laura has also designed some of her own custom fabric! She ordered a few designs and made them into perfect vintage inspired dresses! Her first dress she used her Rose De France Pale Design printed on our Cotton Silk. This dress is absolutely breath taking. Laura has several posts from start to finish on how she created this stunning dress!

She also created a perfect summer dress out of her Cherry Blossom Purple design printed on our heavy cotton twill.


Love these designs? Find them and more on her Artist Profile Page at My Fabric Designs!


Rose De France Pale By: LauraMae


Cherry Blossom Purple By: LauraMae


Lilacs and Lace

A Rose by Any Other Name Dress

Cherry Blossom Purple

Rose De France Pale

LauraMae Artist Profile Page

Cotton Silk

Heavy Cotton Twill

My Fabric Designs



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