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Blogger of the Week

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing

This weeks blogger of the week is Victoria and her fun blog Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing. Victoria has made it a goal to get 10,000 hours of sewing under her belt! She got the inspiration when she ran across the scientific observation of a neurologist named Daniel Levitin. According to him,”….ten thousand hours of practice is needed to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert”. On her blog you can find all of her fun sewing projects she has made for herself, friends and family!

Not only does she have this fun blog but she even partners with her friend Gentleman Jim Tailor on a video blog called The Tailor and the Dress Maker! Their vlog gives great tips and how to’s when sewing.The-tailor-and-the-dress-maker-e1459119907802

Recently Victoria has ordered some fun fabrics from My Fabric designs! with these she made her adorable Easter dress as well as a great summer top!  She chose this Rose Cluster design printed on our Modern Jersey for her Easter dress and the design simple butterfly garden red printed on our  Organic Cotton Sateen for her fun flouncy top. Check out her blog to see all the details on how she made them!

Love these designs? They can be found on our site, Simple Butterfly Garden Red designed by Pamelachi and Rose Cluster designed by MFDesigns!

_MFD20160406121132713_simple butterfly garden red


Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing

The Tailor and the Dress Maker Vlog

Easter Dress

Butterfly Top

Organic Cotton Sateen

Modern Jersey

Rose Cluster

Simple Butterfly Garden Red



My Fabric Designs


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