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Fabric Frames!

Are you looking for the perfect mother’s day gift? Make your mom a completely custom fabric frame! Upload your own designs at My Fabric Designs or choose from one of ours. Here is a tutorial for 3 fun and easy to do fabric frames!


  • Frame
  • Fabric (1/2+ yards depending on frame size)
  • Fluffy Batting or Cork Board
  • Glue
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Needle
  • Thread

First you will choose a frame, you can purchase a new one or cover an old one! I chose 3 different sized frames one 4” X 6”, one 5” X 7”, and one 8” X 10”.

For all 3 types of frames you will need to cut your fabric into strips. You can choose a width anywhere from 1” to 1.5”, they do not have to be perfect.

If you are using a woven fabric and would like the raw edge look as seen in my photos, start from snipping the fabric at one end and ripping the edge off to get the fabric on grain.

Once the fabric is on grain you can simply measure over your desired width (I chose 1 ¼” strips) and snip and tear. For the last frame be sure to leave enough fabric to fill the center of the frame with a minimum 1/2” allowance all the way around.

Once you have your fabric ready you can decide which fabric frame you want to do.

The 1st frame is the simple wrap around. All you will need is a glue stick or Hot Glue gun, whatever you prefer, the fabric and frame.

  • 1st you will remove the back and glass from your frame
  • Then you will cut one of your strips into 4 rectangles long enough to cover the corners.
  • Next glue those strips onto the corners.

  • Once you have done that to all 4 corners you will begin to wrap your strips of fabric around the frame.
    • Start from the back side and begin wrapping. Add strips until the frame is completely covered.

  • Once the frame is covered put back the glass, photo and backing now you are all done. It’s that easy!!

You can glue on or even sew any other embellishments you would like to add to give even more fun to your new and improved frame!

Your second frame option will require a hot glue gun, needle, thread and of course your strips of fabric and frame.

  • You will start by sewing your strips of fabric (don’t worry its simple!)
    • Thread your needle with thread that matches your fabric.
    • Start at the end of the strip in the middle and sew about 1/4” stitches down the entire strip.
    • Gather the fabric and tie off.


  • Once that is completed if you do not like the color of your frame use some strips of your fabric and hot glue them around the frame covering all the color. (If your frame matches the fabric you can skip this step.)
  • Begin in the corner of your frame and hot glue the end of one of your sewn and gathered strips.
  • Twist your strip to get a varying shape.
  • Hot glue through out the frame and continue onto the other sides.


  • Once all sides are covered that is it you are all done!!

Again you can glue on any other embellishments you would like to add!DSC03509

For the last frame you will need a stapler, the fluffy batting or cork board, glue, fabric and frame.

This one you can choose to leave the outside as is or choose from either step above. I chose the 1st frame for the outside of mine!

  • Once you have the outside the way you would like it. You will remove the backing and glass from your frame. You will no longer need the glass you can use it in a future project or dispose of it carefully.
  • Next you will cut your fabric to the size of your frame with an additional ½” – 1” allowance all the way around. My Frame was an 8” X 10” so I cut my fabric 9” X 11”!


  • Once you have done that you will do the same to your batting or cut your cork board to the exact size of your frame.
  • Next you will place your fabric right side down with your batting or cork on top.
  • Then place the back of your frame on top of your batting or cork with the back facing you.
  • Fold over your fabric and batting and pull tight and staple around the back of the fabric.
  • Re insert your back to your frame and you are all done!
  • You can use this for photos, notes or even as an earring holder!


If you love the fabric we chose for the tutorial you can find it on our website!

The floral print is A Crowd of Flowers in Gray and was designed by © Jabiroo,

and the Medallion fabric is Medallion Doodles II by © Amy Lighthall Art & Design, LLC.

Step 5

A Crowd of Flowers in Gray © Jabiroo

Medalion Doodles II © Amy Lighthall Art & Design, LLC

My Fabric Designs





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