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Designer Inspired Easy Beach Cover Up

We took our inspiration from a vibrant Diane Vonfurstenburg beach dress found on Pinterest which retails for $270. We created a repeating pattern and uploaded it to and printed it on modern jersey. You can upload your own design, choose from one in our curated collection or even select the very design we are using in this project.


  • 1 – 28” x 36” panel
  • 2 – 9” x 36” panels (can be in a contrasting color)
  • 1 – 1” x natural waist size” of woven ribbed non-roll elastic
  • 1 – 46” x 3” strip for casing
  • Color coordinated thread
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine


Step One:

Lay 28”x 36” panel with printed side up on a flat work surface. Place the 9” x 36” panels printed side down on top of the main panel. Sew the two smaller panels to the edges of the larger panel along the top edge. Measure 12” from the top down along the left and right sides and sew down from there to create your arm holes.



Step Two:

Fold the 46” x 3” strip in half to create a 46” x 1 ½” casing. Sew a seam along the top and bottom of the casing. Attach the casing to the inside edge of one front panel and sew straight across the back of the coverup all the way to the inside edge of the opposite front panel. Insert the elastic into the casing and seam up the casing edges.



Step Three:

Measure 12” from the top of the coverup and sew the two side panels together from that point down, the entire length of the cover up all the way to the bottom.



You’re done! Turn the coverup inside out and enjoy your designer knockoff beach coverup. You can leave the edges of the coverup raw or hem them if you choose.


Helpful hints:

  1. When working with jersey always pin your fabric panels together before sewing them.
  2. Never pull on the jersey fabric while sewing. Using a walking foot on your machine will yield the best results.
  3. Use a twin needle when sewing onto jersey or try a stretch stitch found on your machine.
  4. Ballpoint needles are best to use with jersey fabric.

You can download the directions for this beach cover up here. The pattern used for this project is called Coral Blooms and it is available on

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