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No Sew Envelope Pillows


Have you always wanted to get crafty and make your own pillows but don’t know how to sew? Let me show you how you can make your very own custom envelope pillows without any needle or thread – it’s so easy!


  • Pillow form inserts
  • Fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron

My pillow inserts are 18in x 18in and 12in x 16in. I measured my fabric 2in larger than my insert to give me some room to turn in my edges for a more finished look. You need 3 pieces of fabric per envelope pillow so for an 18in x18in insert I cut one panel at 20in x 20in and the two back overlapping pieces at 20in x 15in because you want to allow plenty of room for the envelope closure.


After all of your pieces are cut, iron out any wrinkles. For a finished edge look fold about half an inch of the top and bottom edges of each piece and iron a crisp folded edge.


Next, run a generous line of fabric glue under each fold and press the folded edges together. Let dry.glue-under

Once dry, glue right sides together two back panels to the front panel and then finish gluing the top and bottom of the envelope pillow together.


Allow to dry overnight before inserting your pillow. Congratulations on a great looking no sew envelope pillow sham!

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