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You Can Be a Fabric Designer!

When I was a little girl I played with Barbie dolls and was lucky enough to have handmade clothes sewn for them by my Gigi’s (my grandma) sewing lady. My dolls were decked out in chic business suits, fun poodle skirts and gorgeous ball gowns. That was it, the fashion bug had hit me!

From there I graduated to Fashion Plates. Does anyone remember those? They were hard plastic plates with a raised design of a shirt, skirt, pants etc and you pieced them together to imprint a style on a piece of paper and then color it to your heart’s delight. It’s no surprise that when I had the opportunity to work for a custom fabric company, well I jumped in – head in the clouds first.

Photo from Sew Weekly

Photo from Sew Weekly

Just think of all the fabulous things I could make with my own custom printed fabric – the sky was the limit until I realized, I’m not a textile designer! So, after many meetings with the development team at we came up with an online seamless pattern maker that let’s ANYONE be a fabric designer. #swoon

The Fabric Pattern Maker let’s you upload your own artwork, clipart, photographs, doodles or whatnot and fashion them into a seamless repeating pattern! You can also use some of the clip art in the design library to create your design. This tool is robust – you can add text, create shadows, gradients, make clipping paths, use a stylus to draw – the list goes on and on. We created a tutorial video to show you how to use the tool and you can view that below or by visiting our YouTube Channel here.

After you’ve created your fabric masterpiece simply click on the Order Fabric link to order your gorgeous creation on any of our 26 high-quality fabrics. Our basic combed cotton has been described by a well known figure in the quilting industry as “butter” so if quilting is your thing then you will be VERY happy with the quality we offer.

I hope you enjoy our design tool as much as we do and happy stitching!

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