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Create easy do-it-yourself fabric pumpkins – no carving required!

We love Halloween! All the costumes, decorations, candy – the mess of jack-o-lanterns. Well, we don’t like the mess part so much so we’ve created this tutorial on how to make your own fabric pumpkins. You can use them season after season – no mess, no fuss!


  • Fabric (width should be 2 times the height)
  • Fiberfill for pillows
  • Sewing machine + hand needle and thread
  • Hot glue
  • Felt (for leaves and stem)
  • Twine or raffia
  • Twist tie, rubber band or embroidery floss

Step One:

Cut your fabric into a rectangle. For a round full pumpkin the width should be 2 times the height. (20” wide x 10” tall). For different shaped pumpkins you can vary the height and width.

Fold the fabric in half with the right sides together. Sew the side seam with a ½” seam allowance with a sewing machine. You can also hand stitch or hot glue the seam together. Next sew the top, or bottom (check your pattern) left and right seams together leaving an opening for your fiberfill.


Step Two:

Gather the fabric on the open end and secure tightly with embroidery floss. You can also use a rubber band or even a bread tie.


Step Three:

Turn the pumpkin right side out and fill with fiberfill stuffing. You may also choose to fill with plastic bags or fabric scraps. When you are done stuffing your pumpkin sew the end closed.


Step Four:

To create the stem and leaves for your pumpkin use brown and green felt. I rolled up a rectangle of brown felt and hot glued the end for my stem. Then I cut out some free-form leaves from the green felt and secured it all to the top of the pumpkin with some hot glue.


Step Five:

To finish off the pumpkin tie some raffia or twine around the base of the felt stem.


That’s it! Aren’t they adorable? Download your pdf instructions below for this fun project.

Pumpkin-Cover copy
Click to download PDF.

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